Old drivers to lose weight in a sincere proposal can only help you to this shishangqiyi

The old driver sincere advice to lose weight can only help you to this lead: really love you, do not see thin exercise every day. I promise you to remember this, will get twice the result with half the effort! Can only help you to this, the old driver to lose weight sincere advice. (source: ETUDE fashion network) the temperature dropped recently, every day I have the body two villain in a fight and you don’t exercise a cold say who can hide meat but I do not lose weight so the beauty of the winter, but also put the pencil pants ah anyway, in addition to moving, you also need to know some the principle of weight loss and misunderstanding, don’t exercise, Yuejianyuefei good you really love you, do not see thin exercise every day and I guarantee you remember these, will be better! Myth 1: weight loss as long as the exercise can be, we do not have to control the diet has been said, three points by practice, by eating on the seven points. If you lose weight only exercise, do not control diet, the result is. You run for an hour, consumed 500 calories, run a drink and a piece of cake, you one hour to instantly come to nothing. So lose weight, in addition to exercise, but also to control the diet. When your intake of the total amount of < total consumption, your fat will be a little bit less than the. Myth 2: exercise, but there is no effective exercise plan to lose weight is aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise also has many kinds, such as running, skipping, climbing stairs, riding a bike, or do HIIT training at home. Here is the best HIIT training, because the intensity is high, it can not only in your exercise to burn fat, you are in motion after a long period of time, will continue to burn fat, and at the same time, the effect is much better than running. But if you have no plans to exercise, exercise, it is not, no plan is difficult to continue to insist, one day you’re in a good mood, and went out to run for an hour, but after running, forget the next time, what time to run, you don’t know. So you need to customize a plan, exercise a few times a week, each exercise for a long time, what kind of exercise. For example, running on Monday, Tuesday at home to do HIIT, running on Wednesday, Thursday HIIT, etc.. Myth 3: diet, do not eat breakfast a lot of people in the weight loss when it is very extreme, direct dieting, or do not eat breakfast. You toss yourself for a month, you can really see the change in weight, but your body fat rate may not be much change. Because of your diet, loss of more than fat, but this is the The loss outweighs the gain. muscle. And because you go on a diet, your body will change, and when you eat normally, your body will bounce back. If you do not eat breakfast, you will become very slow metabolism of the day, you will not be able to consume fat in the back of the day time. Therefore, the diet to lose weight, is absolutely undesirable, you can control the diet, eat more meals, so that the body has been in a state of non famine, which is more conducive to weight loss. Myth 4: eat diet pills, weight loss tea to lose weight. There are a lot of weight loss drugs on the market, but many.相关的主题文章: