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New Mexico: "alien shelter" Tour – tourism Sohu New Mexico in the United States is that aliens shelter. Here, the vast blue sky and barren wasteland silently, towering rocks like a rare white beach about to speak, but saying nothing, reflecting the infinite illusion about StarCraft and conspiracy theory. This time we went to New Mexico. This small town is the capital of the United States of America UFO may also be the only place on earth to visit the west of New Mexico, the western wilderness reveals the wild beauty of the wild west. The huge mountains and plateau terraces coldly standing in the desert haze, Rio Grande (Rio Grande River, between the United States and Mexico border) carved out of the jagged Canyon, like a bare wound, embedded in the earth on the back. The southwest sun Shan Yang plating a layer of metal luster, reflects the ups and downs of the ranch, cattle herds. The head of state of New Mexico, the vast boundless sky, the general pressure on the horizon V paperweight. New Mexico is so beautiful that people can not help but feel sorry for the old Roswell (Roseville) – the southern town is nothing. If you have to give Roseville a kind of aesthetic connotation, that is flat. The world is no more flat place, buros. Here is the ruler of the desert is like a flat, like a piece of paper, a few strains of Yucca tree shaking all the thorn edge, in the silence of the dust on the brown embellishment. At first glance, the relentless spirit, like most of the bar boring chatter. However, although Roseville is poor, it has something extraordinary. This small town is the capital of the United States of America – probably the only place on earth where the UFO actually landed. It is said that in 1947, Mark, a rancher, ·, Brazel (Mac) stumbled upon a piece of metal that was very different from any metal he had ever seen. But a week later, the military announced that the wreckage was only a military weather monitoring balloon. After the opening of a memorial event in the town, detonated the alien economy in the town. Roseville opened more than a dozen alien souvenir shop, bar the sale of beer by extraterrestrial aliens, stimulate economic development, even the street light painted aliens eyes. Everyone can talk to you about a story that is to see the light in the sky, or is unknown why the shape of the object regardless of the truth of the incident in 1947, this vast geographical space enough to make people fall into a reverie. As the fifth largest state in the United States, New Mexico has a population of just over 2 million. The sky shines bright, spacious and boundless. If there is an occasional object flying, such as a plane, or a hot air balloon, the contrast of the light and shade will give the vehicle a strong brightness, dazzling eyes. Stay here for a while, and it’s easy to see why everyone who talks to you can tell a story about seeing the light in the sky, or an object of unknown shape. White Sands National Park (White Sands Nat)相关的主题文章: