New H6 coupe replacement 197 HP 2.0T engine (video) htc802w

The new H6 Coupe to replace the 197 horsepower 2.0T engine recently, we obtained a new Harvard H6 from the Ministry (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Coupe models of the application diagram, which contains a blue and red version of standard edition models, the new car the biggest change is equipped with a new 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 197 horsepower. "Blue version, black optional models for the" Harvard H6 Coupe 16 2.0T MT two green static drive elite hover H6 Coupe blue label version is basically not much change (white car Figure), as you can see, the car can choose to increase the chrome front bumper, a variety of round circle style and bilateral total four tailpipeexhaust (black vehicle figure). The design of the Harvard H6 Coupe red Standard Version of the design and the 2016 Harvard H6 is similar, multiple style chrome grille decoration very on the grade, compared to the headlights on both sides of the blue version of the model is also more concise. In addition, the new front bumper compared to the previous version of the show in the red label models have subtle adjustments on both sides of the line to be more sharp. In the end, the Harvard H6 Coupe red label version of the car also changed, using a new style taillights. Reporting information shows that the car’s length and width were 4589mm 1835mm 1700mm, wheelbase 2720mm. In power, the new Coupe1.5T hover H6 models still carrying the current model using the engine, the maximum power of 150 horsepower. The 2.0T models are fitted model for the GW4C20 engine, the maximum power of 197 horsepower (145kW).相关的主题文章: