[network] three 16231st CLS arrangement and range 12 – 25 super bass

[network] three 16231st CLS arrangement: and the value range of 12 – 252016230 and the value is 17, the parity ratio of 1:2, the size ratio of 3:0, and the stress value and the previous period are not consistent, and the value trend of rise, and the value returned to the placement than the previous period rose 11 points, is expected to remain stable and the value of the recent trend and the value and the value of the range of 12 – 25. A number of award number 5, number ball force is not stable, a ball out than the previous period rose 5 points in the middle of the cold code 5, number of the ball on the edge of the recent trend back to the middle, the ball may also stay in the surrounding areas, the ball about stress weakened the surrounding cold code out, the ball number two in a promising 02458 award number 6, number ball trend is less stable, the ball trend rose steadily out of the ball number than the previous increase of 2 point temperature code 6, code ball force enhancement, the ball may be out will be hovering amplitude is not very large, while paying attention to the low on the defensive rebound, the ball number three in a promising 13678 award number 6, the number of ball force enhancement, the ball placement out than the previous period rose 4 points in the end temperature on both sides of the ball 6 yards, shaken this period. The other may be in the cold code driven out, out of the ball from the overall defense cold code point, the ball number value 04569 recommended: 076215470584864

[华彩网]排列三第16231期:和值范围12—25   2016230期和值为17,奇偶比1:2,大小比3:0,和值受力与上期不一致,和值走势上升,和值落点回到比上期上升了11个点位,近期和值还有望保持稳定趋势,看好和值范围12—25。   一号位中出奖号5,号码出球受力不稳定,出球落点开出比上期上升了5个点位的中段冷码5,号码出球走势回到中段边缘上,近期出球可能还会在周边范围内停留,本期出球看好受力减弱的周边冷码开出,出球号码看好0 2 4 5 8   二号位中出奖号6,号码出球走势比较不稳定,出球走势稳定上升,出球号码开出比上期上升了2个点位的温码6,码出球受力增强,本期出球落点还可能会有所徘徊幅度应不会很大,同时注意防守向低段上的反弹,出球号码看好1 3 6 7 8   三号位中出奖号6,号码出球受力增强,出球落点开出比上期上升了4个点位的中端温码6,两侧球位有所动摇,本期的其它冷码可能会在带动下中出,出球落点从整体上防守冷码点位,出球号码看好0 4 5 6 9   推荐:076 215 470 584 864相关的主题文章: