Net exposure to EDG faker offered $4 million for the whole class into the bubble tianbi

Net exposure to EDG Faker offered $4 million for the whole class into the bubble? The world finals just ended, LPL EDG’s two top tyrannical Han aid Pawn and Deft will have heard the news. EDG will continue to introduce top Korean aid, I believe every fan is watching. Recently, the foreign team Echo Fox coach Simon released an intriguing tweets: an interesting rumor: EDG quoted $4 million to Faker". This sparked a heated debate in the Reddit users: Reddit friends DiabeticUnicorns said: after rumors of Faker to the Chinese Club offer 40 million. When provoked waves of dust, Faker rumors of the effectiveness of China has passed a year. This year is estimated to be most likely to come to LPL Faker effectiveness of the year. LOL Grand Slam, took all the titles. It is also the gold. After all, the Korean club can not afford a very high price. But Faker doesn’t seem to care too much about money, and from all the media coverage, Faker’s impression of me is that he’s a guy who likes to play the league. He doesn’t have a very expensive taste, and he doesn’t have any interest in the League (he doesn’t even buy skin). He doesn’t have any reason to leave SKT for money, it seems that unless he has a reason to play the game, he won’t go anywhere, especially after he just won the S6 Championship again. If there is a reason, he may want to try something new, but it doesn’t look like Faker Reddit users Awric said: I think, the only one that will allow Faker to leave SKT to join the organization, can only be " SM entertainment ". (Editor: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd is a large project artists and brokers, TVXQ, Junior, SNSD, Super EXO and other Asian days are the artists.) Reddit Hongfang said: "I think the Faker will not leave Leehom Obama and treat the bromance that they establish is priceless. For China we are for the whole class of game player, "is more persistent doped with nationalism, and desire for victory. Through this game can also be found in S6, LPL division and the rest of the world division there is still a great distance, and the causes of the gap are diverse, and I am afraid not simply "off South Korea’s" can be solved. ( integrated gaming)相关的主题文章: