Ms. hotel actually live with strangers cohabitation of employees who say contradictory – Sohu news

The hotel was MS with strangers "cohabitation" employees say contradictory – Sohu news in the ancient city of Shijingshan Ms. Chi Hanting Hotel, the Discovery Inn Hotel for renewal accident system shows its room open room and one was a stranger. Ms. pool can not help but worry about a stranger holding a card to enter the room, to bring her personal threats and property losses. Staff said at the time to let her rest assured that the move, only to save points for friends". Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter to verify, the hotel staff responded that the registration of other information will be false, is willing to upgrade the pool as a free room for compensation. Lawyers believe that employee practices alleged violation of the law on public security administration punishment. And even stranger "cohabitation" to the Beijing morning news reporters about Ms. Chi, November 3rd, she and her mother to play in Beijing, in the ancient city of Shijingshan Hanting hotel. "For the first time in Hanting Hotels, not in advance booking online." Pool lady to the store, and to produce two identity cards for check-in, the hotel gave her a name not only a deposit slip. After that, Ms. pool had handled a continuation of the living, and in November 20th, when she continued to live for the second time, the accident Discovery Inn Hotel system shows that the people who live in the room was a stranger. "The first time to continue to live, the hotel did not give me a small ticket, this time I specifically wanted a small ticket, had just wanted to check the 1629, but did not expect to see a stranger’s name." Reporters saw the show from the pool of Ms. payment details, her room registration is displayed as "X sun", and Ms. Chi and mother’s name has appeared in the "live" column, as she continued to live for employees for xu. Pool, said Ms. Xu is a male receptionist, check-in procedures have been handled by him. After the incident, Ms. Chi just feel things in fact as early as the horizon for the first time, continued to live, in front of a female employee who asked her whether she was surnamed sun, "I deny, Xu came to say he do, female employees no longer ask." Someone’s staff said contradiction, I do not know Sohn, this thing is strange." Ms. pool worried that the sun will hold an identity card to enter her room, a threat to her personal and property security, but also their personal reputation will be compromised. So Ms. chi to the hotel for saying, "at first the staff has been to not affect the invoice as an excuse to stall, but in my insistence, they finally put the sun information from the room I removed." From the beginning to the end, the staff for the system in the room why "Sohn" name that evaded, angrily, Ms. Chi will be sent to the online experience. That night, Ms. Xu on the initiative to cause the battery to tell the truth, he said that in order to help a friend’s membership card points, there is no malice." Yesterday, the reporter on the Hanting Hotels headquarters to live in the hotel group, the staff said it can directly reflect the problem to the store. Reporters then came to the ancient city of Shijingshan Hanting Hotel, front desk staff said the manager, reporters immediately leave contact information, but as of press time, has not received any response. Reporters found the staff to find Xu Xu, Xu responded, said: I put the other guests of the wrong registration of information, has been upgraded to the pool as a free room.相关的主题文章: