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More than 10 thousand of the hyperboloid of HUAWEI Mate9, is a tool for catching the end? The Sohu of science and technology in 2016 can be said to be in the high-end market, HUAWEI spare no effort to catch up a year. The April release of P9 and P9 Plus with dual camera Leica Kaji, draw attention to global. But HUAWEI is not satisfied with this, it urgently needs a more high-end product once again launched an impact, so Mate 9 came into being. No surprise: the appearance of the black side still, hyperboloid only custom HUAWEI Mate 9 in appearance and did not give the author too many surprises, because the product itself has been exposed very clean, even the colors are almost no difference: ceramic white, silver moonlight, the sky gray, champagne gold and Mocha gold, in addition to the black one killed out halfway, all together. Compared with Mate 8 and P9 9, HUAWEI Mate in the appearance of the biggest improvement is to improve the proportion of the screen, the whole body and iPhone 7 Plus about the big screen has reached 5.9 inches, of course, as in the past or 1080P resolution. However, this is not new, because HUAWEI is not the first and apple mobile phone than the screen accounted for the domestic manufacturers. And, although the increased proportion of the screen, but bright Mate 9 not surprisingly, still retains a large black edge design, perhaps in order to quality control, but still can’t avoid the aesthetic controversy. As for the double live in the rumors of the Mate 9 Pro, in fact, it is a customized version of Porsche Mate 9 mami. I do not know whether the surface screen is supplied by Samsung or LG, the official said only AMOLED material, and the screen to 5.5 inches 2K resolution level. The machine is also supported by the positive entity smart home touch function, support for short press to return, long press back home, left and right sliding jump up to the task interface, but this has been released in the previous HUAWEI tablet M3. Of course, whether it is Mate 9 or Porsche version, the use of the second generation of Leica double shot, two cameras in the middle of a clear marked with LEICA mark, but many people look forward to still remain on the label coke poster. The 960, in detail: kylin two generation dual camera, EMUI5, super fast charging is not good compared to the appearance of the Mate 9 selling points are basically concentrated in the direct eye sight. First, just released last month, Kirin 960, no accident was carried to the Mate on the 9. HUAWEI says it is the world’s first using ARM Cortex-A73 core and Mali-G71 GPU SoC, but strictly speaking, released by the end of September MediaTek Helio X30 earlier by A73. But considering carrying Helio X30 models to the end was released, so it can also be said of HUAWEI. Run, kylin has more than 960 Xiaolong 821. The actual experience, HUAWEI said its application to open the speed significantly beyond the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7e, and has been considered as a unicorn chip short board相关的主题文章: