Monthly sales of 100 units in my car into a Japanese sports car – Sohu car (video) dxperience

Monthly sales of 100 cars in my hands into Japanese car – car Sohu this week, has a lot of things first is on the other side of the planet, "said a Sichuan Mandarin" (referred to as Trump) the rich old man expression package, President of the United States. Perhaps he also forced into the ignorant overnight…… "I can’t have a good holiday." Another is to the whole universe once a year "singles day" this year seems to be a single dog carnival is less and less, but more of a "hand chop party"…… "Do not say to you, my fans up" you think I eat "rice" is not good, then look at this stage of the ASK ~ there are beautiful enough to feast the eyes…… The pretty daughter lucky expression package Li mouse, see ah Oh ah Oh, I have a good friend for 10 years, the eight generation Civic dingpei, he recently did not think, going to sell me 70 thousand dollars, the value of it? What is the eighth generation Civic problems? If you want to change, how to change it? There are still more than 10 thousand of the budget on it, for the first time before, ask for advice. Finally to the American car — "God" in the 8 generation Civic car CRV monopolized until Honda "carry handle" models, especially in the United States, by the fans love the ocean. Because of good power, and good appearance (the same year the corolla, Sylphy, 408 is really a little ugly) out of stock and reliable quality has sold in the country. It would have been better if it had not been for the anti collision theory, of course, but he was also a hot car in the used car BUT…… Apart from the aura of God car body, we still have to face up to the car, after all, it is just a car as long as Q: is civic, that is thousands of years is not bad? "You want more" civic and other cars, are also common, steering system "and German car civic" easy to spill is to have a "booster pump" easy oil leakage if the situation is serious, you need to replace the power steering pump in the money when you have two choices the original 2000+ — Deputy plant parts — 700+ here I suggest to replace the original pieces, I had a little cheaper, at that time in order to change the by-product, came back to find that open up the feeling as the leakage of oil booster pump. Coupled with leather seats and civic steering wheel are easy to aging, when buying a car to the curb money account. Your friend sold you 70 thousand are not expensive, but can cut thousands, even so many years of friendship. Finally, let’s talk about "modified" 8 generation Civic best change, also easy to change the program is — FD2 TYPER if you just want to simply modify it, let the car become more cool, the most affordable option is to buy a set of Taiwan’s "D2" to avoid shock cutter teeth, new 3000+相关的主题文章: