Metro line three to determine the basic operation diagram to determine the opening time denka

Metro line three to determine the basic operation of the map to determine the opening time of the opening of the Xi’an metro line three is about to open. Yesterday, the reporter went to the Xi’an Municipal Price Bureau staff to the subway line three construction site investigation and understanding, line three line diagram has been basically determined. After the opening of the connection, fish of the village hamlet, the wild goose pagoda, Near East, the international port district. Metro line three run chart run time: 6:10 to 23:10 length: 39.15 km Business Hours station: 17 hours: 26 seat, 7 of which elevated station single day passenger traffic forecast: around 550 thousand passengers one-way traffic time: 67 minutes interval: 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the three line schedule test run stage 9 am yesterday morning, the reporters came to the decoration of a new Hamlet metro line three station (line three and line two of the transfer station, T transfer, line three rail line area located in the lower part of metro line two station hall), the staff is set for debugging, here station on line three Hall and platform channel are respectively connected with the line two platform and hall. The Secretary of the Party committee, subway operating company deputy general manager Liu Junfeng said that the current metro line three has entered the stage before the opening test run, run to the mid October, but after a number of comprehensive training, through the acceptance of a number of technical indicators, to determine the final opening time. Line three open standards and line 1, line two close. Reporters learned that, after the operation of line three, Xi’an metro network will take shape. By 2020, when the 7 lines of Xi’an recently opened operations, Xi’an subway line length will reach up to 250 km. The car which has a bottle of mineral water test driving comfort reporter yesterday, subway line No. three East port area to experience the vehicle running, the seat floor design inside the purple warm and comfortable, when the vehicle is elevated to the east towards the station, the car is beautiful, and the beauty of the world park of BA yu. The train in the straight run, reporters will be a small bottle of mineral water on the floor, water stable erect, well testing vehicle operating comfort. Sweet bay to the north or will implement the "size of the cross road" Liu Junfeng said early Xiang Hu Wan North intends to use the size of routing "configuration mode of operation, Xiang lake bay south of usually 4 minutes and 30 seconds of the scheduling interval, and end point to port area of the vehicle, will be adjusted the extended operation interval. The end of the line is different, when driving stations, vehicles will be broadcast and screen display and other means to inform passengers. Wen figure newspaper reporter Zhang Yangang相关的主题文章: