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Meng Zhao: Prince George 2 years old! Our inventory of Grinning cheekily in his history father s arms Prince George can "," t resist monkeying around in this previously unseen photograph issued to mark his second birthday. "Prince George in his arms could not stop this naughty — before was leaked over the photos will be used to commemorate the birthday of Prince George. The picture was by fashion photographer Testino at his little sister Princess Charlotte ‘s earlier Christening this month celebrated Mario taken. This photo was taken by famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, · in the early months of his sister princess Sherlock’s christening. The snap shows father Prince and son in the at Sandringham House gardens, the Queen ‘s residence in his Norfolk doting William private. This photo shows Prince William is a doting father and his son Sanderlin’s private residence in the villa – the queen in Norfolkshire garden. William, who recently described his lively son as a ‘little monkey’, looks on with pride as George, who is third in line to the throne and was born at the private Lindo Wing at St Mary "s Hospital on July gazes adorably into the camera 222013. Prince William has his lively son called "little monkey", he looked at his son’s eyes full of pride. Douyi Lin was born in July 22, 2013 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Prince George is the heir to the throne third. The little prince is wearing the 85 Rach Chun?相关的主题文章: