[map] TOYOTA Camry in 2017 made or missed 2.0t- auto Sohu winsockfix

[map] TOYOTA Camry in 2017 made or missed the domestic media reported 2.0T- auto Sohu [Sohu] on the new car, a new generation of the TOYOTA Camry in mid 2017 by TOYOTA Camry production, the new car will be TOYOTA TNGA global platform to build on, power still equipped with a naturally aspirated engine and hybrid system, and wide consumers expect 2.0T models or missed the domestic version of the model. In addition, GAC TOYOTA YARiS L dazzle three car version of the model will have a new name, and will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2017. [new generation Camry] imaginary map previously, some overseas media according to the U.S. version of the new generation Camry spy for drawing imaginary map, can the new car uses a unique face shape, similar to the Lexus spindle design language, the overall visual effect is very Ling Li, personality. Side of the new car has maintained a consistent style of simplicity, while the side window frame in the A column, C column below the raised line is to some extent, enhance the sense of design. A new generation Camry [overseas] – previously foreign media have reported that the new generation Camry and Highlander models will be equipped with 8AR-FTS 2.0T engine, 8 speed automatic transmission powertrain. But according to our understanding of the news, the future of domestic version of the model will be equipped with turbo power, and will continue to layout naturally aspirated and hybrid two routes, so it is popular among consumers look for "Camry 2.0T" or no margin of the domestic market. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: