[map] gold t30t32 1.5L version listed for sale 37 thousand and 800 – car Sohu mkdv-02

[map] T30 T32 1.5L gold version listed for sale 37 thousand and 800 – car Sohu [Sohu] new car before the brilliance Xinyuan officially announced the 1.5L T30 and T32 gold gold version of its official listing of new car, launched a total of four models, the price range of 3.78-4.28 million, with price table below: [pictured with gold the T30 version of 1.3L T30 and T32 is the gold cup] brilliance Xinyuan launched the single row micro card models, after the two version of 1.3L was officially listed in 2015, and the launch of the 1.5L model can be seen as a rich product line. The new car is still using a dual kidney grille, headlight styling is more sharp. Body size: T30 gold and T30 length were 4930mm and 4960mm, width and height are 1820mm, wheelbase, 1995mm and 3050mm, the former carriage size is 29501670 370mm, which was 21001670 420mm. [T30 1.3L] version pictured with gold [pictured with gold T32 1.3L version] configuration: 1.5L models according to different configuration to provide electric power steering, remote control key, the front door window wipers, single steam air conditioning, as fog lights and three point safety belt are standard. Power: both are equipped with a 1.5L gasoline engine, maximum power of 109 horsepower (80 kW), and matching the 5 block manual gearbox. The suspension structure is the former Mcpherson type, after the overall bridge, in which the number of leaf springs 6. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: