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Nankejibing not to say that the "secret" – a misunderstanding: the Sohu maternal prostate disease treatment as venereal ill have to go to the hospital to see a doctor, this is a very natural thing as everyone knows, but because of the privacy of the diseased parts of male disease, many men know little about their diseases and disease the initial face due to delays in treatment time or blind autonomy, not only to increase their own pain, but also to increase the difficulty of treatment. Beijing Tianlun Hospital Authority andrology expert introduction, prostatitis is a common disease of the male, and the disease is easy to relapse, is easy to cause the patients into the treatment of errors. Many men believe that prostatitis is a kind of disease, in fact, many of the reasons for the cause of prostatitis, in addition to bacterial infection, some bad habits can also lead to prostatitis. Especially the long-term holding back, can cause prostate congests for a long time, which leads to the occurrence of prostatitis, once the disease should be early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, to overcome the psychological barrier, do not miss the best time for treatment, delaying the disease. Misunderstanding two: Patients with total treatment usually men love their body to have trouble, love a free hand just to buy medicine to eat, eat some medicine that survived. In fact, the adverse consequences of drug abuse is very common, not all diseases are their own medication can solve the problem. Many men are afraid to see a doctor, guess his illness, to buy their own medicine to eat, it is very unscientific. Experts remind patients due to excessive work pressure, plus the usual heavy smoking, drinking, staying up late, due to suffering from moderate impotence disease, because in the previous face due to the reason is not willing to go to the hospital, to buy medicine to delay the illness. Experts said that each kind of male disease and have a breakdown, should be based on specific circumstances to take appropriate treatment. Not to buy their own drugs can be solved, or need to go to the hospital for detailed examination before medication. Who buy medicine to recuperate, will lead to worsening illness procrastinated. Suggested that men must actively face male disease, don’t be shy, not to conceal their illness history, doctor; don’t check the Internet on their own subjective judgment conditions, online check disease should be based on prevention and health care as the main purpose, not a substitute for medical diagnosis, but can not believe Street quackery. Take medicine at random, so as not to delay the disease, even serious consequences. Error three: can not cure the problem of chronic prostate most people ask is whether chronic prostatitis can cure". As a very stubborn male reproductive disease, many male friends endure the torture of years or even decades can not get rid of, so the formation of a concept that male prostatitis can not be cured. Experts said that chronic prostatitis is only a man’s prostate cold, is a very common, not life-threatening diseases, especially aseptic prostatitis, most patients can often be cured. Aseptic prostatitis also known as congestive prostatitis or chronic prostate pain, good hair in young adults, about 23 occurred in the age of 35 years, the incidence of about all chronic anterior]相关的主题文章: