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Luoyang street shops fire more than 20 shops were burned beyond recognition – Sohu news Luoyang more than 20 shops were burned beyond recognition in Luoyang more than 20 shops were burned beyond recognition in Luoyang more than 20 shops were burned beyond recognition in February 7th 11 pm, Luoyang city Luolong District Longmen road and road intersection of the ancient city of the southeast corner of the street the shops raised fire, the fire spread rapidly, more than 10 businesses affected, including at least two firecrackers shop fire ignited, and deflagration occurred, but fortunately no casualties. 11:30, big client reporters rushed to the scene to see, more than 10 fire trucks are on-site rescue, two high jet engines, set up air gun from the air of a fire sprinkler, dozens of firefighters from the ground with a water gun fire, the fire has been extinguished, the scene is still smoke. Burnt shops came from time to time "crackling" sound of exploding firecrackers. Aluminum Alloy rolling door, some shops closed, fire officers and soldiers using tools to shutter door broken down into the house after the fire. The scene is a mess, hundreds of people in the distant onlookers, police cordon set up at the scene. Reporters noted that many stores have been burned beyond recognition, goods and store walls were blackened, the ground everywhere firecrackers explosion debris after. Fire officers and soldiers from a shop in the rescue of a liquefied gas tank. The shop was burned beyond recognition according to the merchants introduced has more than 20 stores on fire, involving more than 10 businesses, the first fire was ignited from on the west side of the shops, about 30 minutes, quickly spread to the East and around. "That is a business of the first fire shroud shop." A stricken boss told reporters, when the fire started, he was carrying goods store, nearby residents heard cries for help only to find a shop not far from the house is on fire, he rushed to their own store items to move on the road, "the fire is too fast, my goods are only a small part to move out the loss of at least about 100000 yuan." According to eyewitness reports, the adjacent shop firecrackers ignited by the fire, deflagration case, fireworks and firecrackers everywhere sputtering, billowing smoke, "I never heard of anyone in the field has been trapped and injured, because of the new year, many businesses have gone home." Visit, the reporter noted that the fire to Wood Street shops rental market management, and the fire is behind the wood shops rental market in the shops, and shops on fire is back-to-back among more than 10 business building materials business shops, their shops by the fire spread, all have different degree damage. At 13:30, the fire has been extinguished, the fire officers and soldiers have been evacuated. The medical staff at the scene waiting for the rescue of people’s Hospital of Luoyang District, at 11 o’clock in the morning, they received 120 command center instructions after rushed to the scene, ready to 1:40 in the afternoon, the wounded were not received any. Figure Mengwen client reporter Jiao River

洛阳一临街商铺起火 20余间店铺被烧得面目全非-搜狐新闻 洛阳20余间店铺被烧得面目全非 洛阳20余间店铺被烧得面目全非 洛阳20余间店铺被烧得面目全非   2月7日11时许,洛阳市洛龙区龙门大道与古城路交叉口东南角的临街商铺突起大火,火势迅速蔓延,10余家商户受到波及,其中,至少有两间鞭炮店被大火引燃,并发生爆燃的情况,所幸未造成人员伤亡。   11时30分,大河客户端记者赶到事发现场看到,10余辆消防车正在现场救援,两辆高喷消防车,架设起高空水枪从空中对起火点喷水,数十名消防员从地面用水枪扑火,明火已基本被扑灭,现场仍冒出浓烟。   被烧的商铺内不时传出鞭炮“噼啪”的爆燃声。一些商铺的铝合金卷帘门紧闭,消防官兵使用工具将卷帘门破拆后,进入屋内灭火。   事故现场一片狼藉,数百名市民在远处围观,警方在现场设置警戒线。记者注意到,多间店面已被大火烧得面目全非,店内物品及墙壁被熏黑,地面随处可见鞭炮爆燃后留下的碎屑等物。   消防官兵还从一间商铺内抢救出一枚液化气罐。   店铺被烧得面目全非   据商户介绍有20余间店面起火,涉及10余家商户,最初火势是从靠西侧的商铺燃起,30分钟左右,迅速向东侧以及四周蔓延。   “听说是一家经营寿衣的店铺先着的火。”一名受灾的老板告诉记者,起火时,他正在店里搬运货物,听到附近居民呼救才发现不远出的一家店铺正在着火,他赶紧将自家店内的物品往马路上搬,“火着的太快了,我家的货物也只搬出来一小部分,损失最少有10多万元。”   据现场目击者介绍,相邻的鞭炮店被火引燃后,发生了爆燃的情况,烟花、爆竹四处溅射,现场浓烟滚滚,“我在现场一直没听说有人被困、受伤的情况,因为过年了,很多商户们都回家了。”   走访中,记者注意到起火的临街商铺归木模租赁市场管理,而起火商铺背后就是木模租赁市场内的商铺,与起火商铺背靠背的是10余间经营建材生意的商铺,他们的店铺也受到大火的波及,均有不同程度的受损。   13时30分,大火已被扑灭,消防官兵陆续撤离现场。在现场等待救援的洛阳市新区人民医院医护人员介绍,上午11时许,他们接到120指挥中心的指示后赶往现场,待命至下午1时40分,未接收到任何伤员。大河客户端记者 焦勐 文图相关的主题文章: