Love psychology men love you do not love to see 12 actions (Figure) tataufo

Psychology of marriage: men love you see 12 movements (Figure) men love you will have 12 little action in the pursuit of the opposite sex as everyone knows, in addition, "blandishments", a large number of intelligent men and women also use body language consciously. Scientists have found that, in fact, if you see the opposite sex you like, your body will subconsciously reflect, such body language is not subject to the domination of consciousness. The experiment found that a person wants to convey the full information to the outside world, simple language components accounted for only 7%, tone accounted for 38%, another 55% of the information required by the language of the body language to convey, but because the body language is usually a person aware of the move, so it is rarely deceptive. Therefore, when a man asks a woman to marry him, he need not wait until she heard the opening, see she pinched her lips, drooping eyes and slightly trembling shoulders, the answer is self-evident. A man raised his eyebrows, see the love you, I will not consciously or her eyebrows. Of course, if the other side is also good to you, he will have the same performance. The body language will appear between different age sex at any time of course, you have to observe this action, is not so easy, because it appears from the end, only a short 1/5 seconds, so this subconscious ogle often ignored. But if you really notice the subtle expression, then the other person gives you 100% of your attention. Of course, if you like each other, it’s your own business. Two, lips enlight if a man love you, he or she is in the face of you, there will be a moment of lip opening machine of. This action is also very subtle, not easy to see, but if you are a very careful person, it is not impossible to observe this change. Three, stand up and stand up if a man facing you stand straight, and dress properly, shoulders drooping naturally, which means he wants to show you his tall and straight posture, hoping to attract your attention. If he leans forward, close to you listen to your conversation, it can show that he had a crush on you. Four, dress a man in front of you modified tie, he sincerely hopes to attract your attention. In addition, he would be very concerned about whether the hair clean and shiny, finishing hair, lapel jacket is in place and other details. The man pulled the button in front of you to show that he was nervous. They also use the body language subconsciously to show you that he wants to be with you. Next he would take off his jacket and his hands to his waist. Seeing that he uses such a body language, you should be fully aware that he does not know how many times he has embraced you in your dreams. Five, finishing hair woman for the sake of the man in front of the image, will from time to time to slip the hair straightened out, or put it to the side of the face. She will send information to the men’s favor by smack. In addition, the man and the woman in the conversation also have the habit of finishing the hair. And they will get 100% of the woman’s attention. Six, if a peep.相关的主题文章: