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Look at how the traditional Japanese Sumo robot staged TNW Chinese station reported in September 7th in the traditional Japanese sumo wrestling, there are two big players, they have tremendous effort, is to put the game beyond the narrow opponent out of taiwan. Although sumo is a very entertaining sport, but it is very hard to improve the recommendation of a friend. Sumo wrestlers would wear a traditional crotch pocket cloth, and the pocket crotch cloth never washed, sumo wrestlers believe it will wash your own experience. In short, mawashi will give the audience some embarrassed. But recently, companies have launched a sumo robot, they learn the skills and strategy of sumo wrestling, and the related information input to the robot system, robot sumo do, no longer wear the mawashi, highly ornamental. In the past there have been fighting robots in the industry, such as BattleBots". However, these robots are remotely controlled by external personnel. While the robot sumo is a fully automated system. They have high flexibility, can control the various parts of the body, sumo movement, and has high intelligence fight. A robot sumo tradition, graceful movement, with speed and artificial intelligence. Compared with other robots, robot sumo did not the element "destroy the opponent". Like sumo, robots need is strength and skill to make the opponent out of Taiwan’s victory, and not to destroy each other. (Comprehensive dawn) Click here to view the original English video recommendation technology [] 265 minutes a meow meow iPhone review of ancient models [Chinese America The Next Web works related to the interests of the Tencent Inc exclusive of all. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: