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Living in this hotel in Kunming, is to enjoy life! The first stop in Kunming, Sohu, Kunming InterContinental Hotel, Dianchi. Kunming intercontinental is the owner of the Yunnan city investment, state-owned enterprises, the location of natural not say. Do not look at the hotel is less than 200 meters away from the line of Dianchi, want to go to Dianchi can not be so easy, next to the city hall is the government designated meeting place, security is strictly prohibited to walk through. Only north or south around several kilometers to the past, but the green is very good, but also feel comfortable around. RA paid to upgrade the suite. The HH content of the executive lounge is rich. Overall level of service. The most unforgettable details in CO — I dragging a suitcase for the hall door open lobby special on the west side of the IHG membership, the staff is just the first day to help me check the man, is due to answer the phone, he politely motioned me to sit down and wait. Hang up the phone at the same time, he took out from the table just print out the bill and credit card I signed, the whole process did not ask my room number. In other words, he saw me taking my luggage over to CO to accurately recall the room I was in, and then to answer the phone while returning to me. The overall architectural style of the hotel is a typical resort, covers an area of large, supporting the landscape are very good. There are some sculptures on the green outside the lobby, and the thousands of little tadpoles don’t know what it means. I like this seagull shaped sculpture, very local characteristics. Open lobby space. Butterfly is one of the decorative themes of Kunming IC, the lobby, elevator room and the room can be seen in the butterfly. Room area is considerable. Probably because of the resort design style, the room has no desk. Welcome fruit. Guest health. Small refrigerator. I do not know whether the reduction with the. A gift is a pen. Bedroom also open. The main health on the left is the washbasin, single basin. Dresser is on the right. A large tub that can hold three people. Enjoy the blue sky and white clouds on the balcony. Overlooking the courtyard. A small garden. The maintenance was not in place, the internal water bottom is full of moss, unsightly. Resort how little children’s play area. Share a few nights at the hotel. End this chapter with a seagull in Dianchi. Brief introduction: ——————————— fly teahouse culture media (Shanghai) for the Limited by Share Ltd’s flying off the teahouse travel network () was formally established in August 2009, has become a famous tourist community often Chinese. In this big family, regular passenger can share the experience that uses airline and hotel regular passenger plan to use, more effective thereby相关的主题文章: