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Liu Tao Yang Zi Wang Ziwen shared a style called rock’n    together with me; roll– fashion — original title: Liu Tao Yang Zi Wang Ziwen shared a style called rock’n roll with me a little noticed, the girls around nine out of ten off waist long hair, keep the hair, not the shortest but shorter! For example, Yang Zi drying out in micro-blog’s new hairstyle is that…… Xiao Bian did not ask the photo cool mushroom who is, anyway, a view point is you will find her hair in this year it has shuabing! For example, Wu Xin, although with a neat bang, but the overall feeling of his hair is cool. And Liu Tao, when he played rock and roll, was style’s hair. To say this one from the beginning of what seemed not what impression, feeling at home and Wang Ziwen brought up the style, the hair thinning, whether it is air or partial bangs, Liu Qi, and this style can seem a perfect fit. Her hair tied into semi ball head, it is cool! This hair style is really on the hair dry degree has very strict requirements, for the collapse of hair sister paper the hair in maintenance difficulty is quite large. So we must be sure to master the number of hair dryer usage! Today, Xiao Bian to find a blow after the shape, is not it looks like just get up at that time, "area" a lot? Of course this is just the first step. The second step, curly hair curler Electric is now an essential artifact, make hairstyle is used, the first two sides roll, left to the left rear roll, on the right side of the right rear roll, not too deliberate pursuit of law, the volume is mainly casual, let the hair look a radian, relatively light on ok. Liu remember curling back to see the full back hair handsome goddess lightly action? This is how the wind moves! Noisy, time-consuming 5 minutes, the finished product, the static dynamic is very beautiful. Compared with just now is not particularly spiritual! Then we’ll have a little more difficult! The first step: use the hair dryer hair from the bottom to blow out the fluffy hair, simple wave head shape with 37 hair styles. The second step: in a layer of more than the amount of use will roll out other circular comb hair after using the hair dryer blowing hair, and then use the hair stick will roll out the tail part of involute curve. The third step: the hair top hair with a fine tooth comb to hair close to the scalp can effectively avoid the embarrassment, one side of a small amount of fat using hairpin fixed in the ear. The fourth step: simple and fresh hair Bobo after care become graceful and dynamic, one side of your hair on the ears and refreshing. Amway small time (think it is the end of the ad to see it over) BRAUN Braun portable German portable light and easy to carry, universal voltage, 1200W strong power, free adjustment of heat energy. Dyson Supersonic the hair dryer hair dryer set four gear and third gear speed and temperature, so that users can quickly switch to the cold file, the key is,)相关的主题文章: