Linktec opened the eternal · the Great Wall continued north of Beijing real estate market legen windjview

Linktec opened the eternal · the Great Wall continued north of Beijing real estate market legend Beijing Jin disc eternal · (real estate information); the the Great Wall in order to meet the strong customer purchase requirements, will be re opened, in August 27th the opening, in addition to greatly touted 50 – 115 square meters Villa villa homes, also launched a 100 thousand down payment, i.e. the third room enough hardcover’s surprise, more highly anticipated 120 – 150 square meters cloudtop stacked villas limited push, it is your joy. The best price, write Beijing eternal legend · the Great Wall grand opening in August 6, 2016 1.2. The opening scene is extremely hot, the villa villa homes quickly sold out, write down the hot legend to Beijing North, and many did not grab customers are eagerly looking forward to the eternal · the the Great Wall quickly opened again. It is reported that the eternal · the Great Wall opened in August 27th 50 – 115 square meters villa villa homes upgrade again, and this also launched a major 120 – 150 square meters of cloud villa stack expect more high-end, by so many buyers expect the project, and there are so many sincerity, presumably in August 27th opening, the Great Wall will be · forever; before the continuation of the unpopular scene. So, what is the cause of such a big selling and strong expectations? Outside to enjoy pure oxygen in the 5S Valley, hardcover system, show the brand strength of eternal · the Great Wall is located 23 square kilometers of pure oxygen in the valley, the forest coverage rate of 96% nourished negative oxygen ion is 150 times higher than that of urban, let the blue sky with no haze is no longer a luxury. Its surrounding is as many as 85 National Scenic Area embrace, as a world heritage, 28 km "private" the Great Wall has become a window view, every time to go home, are on vacation. Eternal · the Great Wall villa villa Institute selected a number of international brands of building materials, building 5S hardcover system, each piece of landscape and every inch of space carefully crafted. The two grand core region, highlights the investment value of 2022 Olympic Games, 2019 Expo two event in Yanqing has prompted the rapid rise in prices in the eternal · around Yanqing also enjoy a lot of good event; the Great Wall is only 15 minutes away from Yanqing, the price is only 1/3 in Yanqing, Xing Yan Jing Zhang high-speed and High-speed Rail foil etc. event facilities, · in the eternal; the Great Wall area can be described as a prime location, the potential investment value has begun. Deep real estate 19 years, ingenuity built habitat benchmark group cultivating estate eternal 19 years, created a lofty ideal city, eternal ideal world classic residential projects, the group once again to create new Chinese eternal beauty, unique landscape, commercial street and other groups supporting rich, efforts to build the high cost of the villa Institute of quality of life, founded in the northern Beijing model, the real achievement and life. All of the selling is not accidental, eternal · the Great Wall can lead the legendary Beijing North sales, customer acceptance, apparently not rely on luck. Eternal · behind the the Great Wall is selling for the customers and market respect for the relentless pursuit of building quality residential is cast 8相关的主题文章: