Korean media Korean prosecutors brought to court arrest Cui Shunshi around the Reds Enze car Sohu ne demonophobia

Korean media: Korean prosecutors brought to court arrest Cui Shunshi around the Reds Enze car Sohu news] [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported Yonhap reported on November 10th, the special investigation South Korean prosecutors investigating the presidential cronies Cui Shun political work "case of the 10 days for Shunshi Cui side reds, the famous director Che Enze on suspicion of advertising corruption, crime of forced transaction submitted to the court issued an arrest warrant. Reported that, according to the prosecution investigation, Enze alleged car from January 2006 to October this year will operate their own advertising company 1 billion won (about 6 million yuan) funds for their own use. In addition, the last 3-6 months, Enze and former South Korean car contents agency President Song Xingjue et al conspiracy, attempted to snatch an advertising company. An Zhongfan, who was arrested on the 6 day of this month, the former chief of the economic affairs of the Chief Secretary of Chong Wa Dae is also involved. Enze Pu Jinhui is the car confidant Cui Shunshi’s confidante, referred to in the Cui Shunshi asylum in literary and art circles summon wind and call for rain to seek illegitimate interests. If the car with Enze, prosecutors investigating the involvement of the Mir consortium and K sports consortium and misappropriation of public funds, access to confidential documents such as Chong Wa Dae may have made significant progress in the suspect, such as Cui Shunshi. In November 8, 2016, South Korea local time, Pu Jinhui’s cronies "politics door" party Cui Shunshi side reds, known as "cultural circles of Prince of the car Enze arrived in Inchon international airport. Prosecutors detained Enze at the airport on the spot, it will be sent to the central Seoul District Prosecutor’s office. The tears at the airport.相关的主题文章: