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Keyboard cheshen said speed is too high to destroy a car old driver refused – Sohu automobile as an indispensable member of life, especially on their car owners are protected, for fear of improper operation, the impact on the "care", but this is likely to affect the safety and driving experience. Today, with the popularity of everyone: on the impact of the speed of the vehicle, to avoid misunderstanding. Knowledge: production of the car sales (gasoline version), the highest speed is 8000 rpm, the red area of critical point for 6 minutes, the red line in the area is to avoid the effect of engine speed, manufacturers durability, protected areas and divided out. From this, we can use the speed of the manufacturers are considered safe range. Although it is safe, can often turn to high traffic, there is a certain impact on the durability of the engine. How to avoid excessive loss, please pay attention to the following two points. Want to often intense driving, the need for timely replacement of vehicle oil to improve oil grade (for example: 5W30 to 5W40 oil), the higher the grade, the greater the viscosity, the wear resistance is better (recommendations to improve the 1 levels in the original standard,); the same is true of the coolant, the original standard does not meet the cooling demand of high turn when driving, need to improve the standard of value. Tips: high rotation will make the engine and gearbox and cooling system for high intensity work, if the oil is not up to standard, will cause excessive internal loss, affecting engine life. To avoid a long period of time, there are a lot of rumors of high low-end online: that the new car needs to pull the high speed running in, and so on, we do not believe. Not to say that the car is good, the problem is that the process of pulling the high speed, will make a stall to maintain a high speed for a long time, it is easy to lead to transmission overheating, the loss is also very large. Tips: now the car factory has been cold running in, the car can be opened during the normal, do not believe rumors. In fact, the car did not we imagine so fragile, as long as the attention of all can be moderate. The KK car, smell the way you are welcome to visit, here you can see the new car, car, dynamic observation, Car Buying intelligence, information and other exciting style guess music column, micro signal: achetu2016.相关的主题文章: