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Kashima, Mauritius’s "Paradise islands" – one of the tourism Sohu Kashima known as Mauritius’s "Paradise islands", seen from the plane of Mauritius will be around the beautiful lagoon Kashima captivated. French "Ile Aux Kashima formerly known as L Cerfs, named for the legend of the past deer wading across the bay. Kashima black rocks surrounded by neighboring island, times with coconut trees. Here in the shallows famous, people can not swim when the tide goes out and walk a few hundred meters from the nearest neighbor, walk to the east of Kashima Island, without worrying about being flooded to. Kashima have a natural bright and colourful beautiful lagoon, fine white sandy beaches, clear sea water wide calm, visible fish. The island is full of tropical plants, is one of the places in Mauritius will go. Kashima to the rich water activity is known, from water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, parachute boats, glass bottom boat tour of the underwater world, covering almost all you can think of sports. Of course, the most important thing is to come here to swim and enjoy the sun, the beach. Small on deer island also has a 18 hole golf course and two restaurants, you can stroll Kashima, and beloved people together to enjoy water play, also can lie on the beach to enjoy the fine healthy sunbathing. Kashima building on the mostly original ancient stone houses or huts on the island, many restaurants for Zhuopu lovely small pavilion, you can try some of the local people (Kerrey Creole) the flavor of seafood, enjoy the beautiful afternoon in Mauritius. Slow down and enjoy the beauty of bhqt, is a wonderful thing. As one of the most famous island of Mauritius, Kashima (Ile Aux Cerfs) with Le Touessrok Golf Course in the world’s top 10 golf course list. Here the undulating terrain and natural vegetation dotted with lakes, volcanic rocks, there is Mark, described by the beauty of heaven, written by Twain". Kashima (Ile aux Cerfs) is now the Le Touessrok resort guests to enjoy the beauty of outdoor sports resort, in addition to the golf course, water sports center Le Touessrok in operation. Tip: Kashima is now Mauritius’s well-known travel, so the shipping traffic is very convenient. Address: Mauritius is located in the east coast, to the village of Douce in Trou d’Eau and Le Touessrok in the boat; resort, may give priority to enjoy various entertainment and leisure facilities on the island. Special tips: 1, the wear swimsuit in advance, so that the place does not need to find a place to temporarily change clothes, can make the hotel room with bath towel; 2, with some suggestions of bottled drinking water, can also bring some food to eat on the island, of course, the island also has 2 restaurants, but the price the more expensive; 3, bring sunscreen, sunscreen good work. This article is edited by the seven continents, part of the text and pictures from the network. More Mauritius tourism information, welcome to click:相关的主题文章: