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Premier Global Consulting Joins Globalnet, International Independent Financial Advisory Network Posted By: PRP Makati City, Philippines, February 19, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ – Premier Global Consulting, a Makati, Manila-based wealth advisory firm announced its admission to GlobalNet. GlobalNet is the leading international network of independent financial advisories. Established in 1992, GlobalNet has more than one hundred and twenty member firms in fifty-one countries with over six billion dollars of assets under management and advice. Premier Global’s membership provides greater investment power to offer its clients the best financial products and services solutions. Since 2005, GlobalNet has grown from seventeen pioneer members to over one hundred twenty members in fifty-one countries. Membership boasts of its wide range of practices from small private consultants to larger practices. Brian Dudley, Managing Director of Premier Global Consulting, said, "GlobalNet offers us a mature portfolio of resources that set us apart from our competition with a considerably greater choice of products and services. We are proud of our acceptance by such a prestigious and selective organization." About Premier Global Consulting Premier Global Consulting is a Makati City, Philippines-based client-focused wealth advisory firm dedicated to helping expatriates plan for their future and flourish thereby.Brian Dudley expatriate financial advisory philippine expat Premier Global Consulting Brian Dudley The Current State Of Foreign Buyers Of Uk Homes Posted By: Bradley Weiss What happens abroad affects regular Brits at home – more specifically, the price of the homes they wish to buy. Blame it on the stability of the UK economy. For a number of years it has been well documented that rich Russians, Chinese, Saudis and others from outside the UK have been buying up pricy real estate in London. That has actually expanded to cities elsewhere in England. And with the outcome of the May 2015 elections, combined with continued instability abroad, that trend may not reverse itself for some time. And it does affect ordinary citizens in the UK. Part of what drives up the cost of real estate throughout London has been the extreme degree to which the most expensive homes in Central London are sold to foreigners, almost all for cash seeking a safe, stable haven. In September 2014, The Telegraph reported that 20% of buyers in Westminster, Kensington and the City of London were sold to people from Russia, Italy, France and the Middle East. Among the top boroughs favoured by foreign buyers were Camden, Islington and Hammersmith and Fulham.Real Asset Portfolio Strategic Land Partnership Capital Growth Real Estate Investment Lucent Group Real Asset Portfolio What Does The Uk Green Party Propose Be Done To Increase Uk Housing? Posted By: Bradley Weiss Real Asset Portfolio Strategic Land Partnership Capital Growth Real Estate Investment Lucent Group Real Asset Portfolio What Are The Potential Scenarios For Housing In The Uk In 25 Years? Posted By: Bradley Weiss The situation is dire if population growth and home building continue at pace between now and 2040. A study examines the numbers and makes investment recommendations. If you are a parent with children under the age of 10 today in the UK, it might be a good idea to stay on good terms with them. That’s because according to research by the firm KPMG, in cooperation with the housing advocacy group Shelter UK, there’s a good chance your children may continue living with you well into their 30s. Blame the potential trajectory of housing costs through the foreseeable future – your children might face even greater difficulty establishing their own households than millions of Brits do already today, given the shortfall in house building. The report makes recommendations to politicians that involve private and public cooperation – enough to cheer those who are interested in real asset portfolio investing as much as young parents. The report, "Building the Homes We Need: A Programme for the 2015 Government," effectively illustrates an undesirable (to say the least) outcome of inaction or ineffectual action.What Are the Potential Scenarios for Housing in the UK in 25 What Are the Potential Scenarios for Housing in the UK in 25 How To Achieve Capital Growth In Uk Investment Land Posted By: Bradley Weiss Land fund managers capital growth Land fund managers Independent Financial Advisors Can Help You Choose Best Mortgages For Dentists Posted By: Medicsfs mortgages for dentists in U.K. Medics Financial Services mortgages for dentists in U.K. The Agricultural Building-conversion Rules – Effective At Increasing Housing? Posted By: Chris Westerman Real Asset Portfolio Strategic Land Partnership Real Asset Portfolio Can Uk Agricultural Land Give Way To Housing? Posted By: Chris Westerman The hard argument between land for farms vs. homes is too binary. The shifting nature of agriculture and farmland suggest a spectrum of solutions. In the quest for space in which to build homes, the UK faces some difficult choices. Government planning agencies encourage cities to remediate brownfield land. And the streamlined planning programmes – by way of the Localism Act of 2011 and the National Planning Policy Framework implemented in 2012 – empower local councils to identify where residential growth can and should occur in greenfield and greenbelt lands. Of course, this runs counter to some long-held beliefs about how land should be used and what defines England itself. But with a 7 per cent per decade level of population growth, and with an additional one million homes needed to meet the needs of the present population, new ideas should to be entertained. All of this is studied in detail by strategic land developers, those investors who look for ways to bring new housing onto the market. One contentious area is the discussion around farmland. What is its role in the UK economy? What might conversions of farmland to housing provide?Real Asset Portfolio Strategic Land Partnership Real Asset Portfolio Significance Of Independent Financial Advice For Doctors Posted By: Medicsfs Medics Financial Services independent financial advice Medics Financial Services How To Mitigate Risks In Uk Land Investments Posted By: Chris Westerman Alternative Investor Partnership Lucent Group Alternative Lucent Group Attracting Global Investment Posted By: Chris Westerman land development strategic circumstances department land Finding The Best Independent Broker/dealer For You Personally Posted By: Ludie Drechsler As it pertains to the health and well being of your practice, few decisions have a greater impact in your business than picking your independent broker/dealer. Yet making your way through the countless available options, assessing benefits, considering potential drawbacks and deciding what life will truly be like using a brand new agent/dealer can be overwhelming. Before you begin your investigation, take time and energy to consider the characteristics you will need in a independent broker/dealer. In the event you’re new to the independent model, keep an open mind – you could discover that services you believe that cannot live without are not missing at a completely independent agent/dealer – they are only delivered a la carte in place of as element of an all encompassing bundle. This flexibility allows you to truly pay just for the services that you need and use, also to receive those services if they suit your practice. In the place of focusing on what your practice has used or desired in the past, step straight back and consider where you want your practice to take three to five years.Independent Financial Advisors Financial Advisor Support Independent Broker Dealer Independent Financial Advisors Why Income Protection Insurance Is So Important Posted By: Robt Gutierrez The final cost of the policy will depend on a few factors such as the buyer’s age, his income, the benefits opted for, the waiting period, the benefit period and the type of policy selected that is indemnity contract or agreed value contract. Payment protection insurance and income protection policy will help you. Shop for cheap, affordable term insurance. It is also necessary for independent financial advisors to have an intricate knowledge of life insurance, health insurance, critical illness, equity release, investments, NHS remuneration, benefits and pension packages. In addition, about half of Gen Y employees are very concerned about the financial impact of their premature death on their families ‘" despite being younger than their co-workers this concern level is approximately the same. Action on a Tier 5 must originate in the Senate. Simply with a price comparison website, a person is capable to search through all of the different companies offering family medical insurance in the state by which they live. Higher income families will want to consider blending permanent life and term insurance, getting a head start on supplementing retirement income by building some cash value available with permanent policies.employment benefits payment protection insurance life insurance income protection employment benefits Significance Of Independent Financial Advice For Dentists Posted By: Medicsfs Finance For Dentist Financial Advice For Dentists Finance For Dentist Optimizing Of Latest Retirement Schemes Posted By: Samuel Ifa cornwall Ifa cornwall Tax Free Savings For A Rainy Day Posted By: Corwin Smith Childrens savings plan Tax free savings Childrens savings plan How To Maximize Your Uk Pension Fund Posted By: Jitendra Kumar Singh As the awareness about QROPS is spreading, more and more UK expats are rushing to independent financial advisors to know more about how it can be used in their particular investment situation to maximize their pension earnings. UK pensioners are now more than willing to cash in on their UK pension fund via QROPS transfers to their preferred foreign destination. The conditions that they need to fulfil to qualify for qualifying recognized overseas pension schemes are not tough. They need to be a non UK resident for five or more tax years and their pension fund must be more than GBP 10,000. They can qualify if they meet the above two conditions and also as long as they have not bought an annuity. Age, in this case does not matter. Under HMRC QROPS rules, pensions may be transferred to a qualifying recognized overseas pension scheme. You must consult expert QROPS providers to know how the QROPS plan works in your chosen foreign destination. Some countries such as Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Malta do not have the facility to cash in on the pension plan. The rules regarding QROPS pensions are different for residents and expats.Income Drawdown Pension Drawdown Qrops Income Drawdown Role Of An Independent Financial Advisor Posted By: jameshamption An Independent financial adviser (IFA) is the only type of monetary advisor who is able to select from all the available products in the marketplace to make sure the client to get right on the products for his individual needs or requirements. The financial advisor helps to ensure your business at the professional level on which you can access it. Additionally, the financial advisor also designs the range of extraordinary offers in the form of various facilities that you will meet at your office or at your house. A financial advisor is a highly qualified and the fully authorized self-determining or self-regulating person who intimate you about the crucial activities on the surface of financial feedback in his/her combined experience. He/she also can drive the solutions through the moderate researches from the pool of market to provide you the best quality and professional financial advice. Benefits of hiring the independent financial advisors:- While planning the huge investment strategies, the most crucial sound of your financial investment requires the automotive financial advisor that can provide you the best and advance knowledge about the financial slots. This is where you need to hire an autonomous financial counselor can be helpful.Independent financial adviser Independent financial adviser 相关的主题文章: