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Irregular menstruation will affect pregnancy? Not allowed to notice the mummy! – Sohu mothers and children in our lives, there are some mothers have been faced with the problem of pregnancy. There are many reasons for the preparation of pregnancy, however, there may be people do not know, abnormal menstruation will affect pregnancy oh! Not many Mommy because of their physical quality, working environment, diet, personality and other aspects are different, leading to different degree of symptoms such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstruation or menstrual delay, advance ovulation bleeding, menstrual blood clots, too much or too little and so on, and often do not be concerned. In general, if you do not affect the work, learning life, not Mommy will not take the initiative to accept the timely and effective treatment, so after there is likely to lead to infertility. The so-called law, refers to the normal menstruation, menstrual cycle of 30 days, 5 days after menstruation, red color, with a moderate amount, no abnormal blood clots, no severe abdominal pain, backache and other symptoms. Ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, the mysterious relationship between the 1, there is no menstruation is not necessarily representative of ovulation? 3 Normal mother’s menstrual cycle is generally 28 to 30 days, but some people in the cycle of the period of 22 ~ 40 days, is also considered normal. Menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, there is a very close relationship between the three, ovulation is generally cyclical changes, resulting in periodic menstruation. 2, irregular menstruation represents the possibility of successful pregnancy is very low? The ovulation can cause pregnant women in general, ovarian in the hypothalamic pituitary ovary axis under the action of the ovarian follicular growth, generally not Mommy ranked only one egg every month after ovulation, the ovarian secretion of estrogen and progesterone, estrogen is generated before ovulation, ovulation after both have estrogen progesterone. In the early stages of ovulation, the follicle becomes larger and larger, and finally the follicle is expelled from the ovary. The eggs will be discharged by the fallopian tube umbrella ‘caught’ to meet with sperm oviduct (out of fallopian tube after spreading the fallopian tube spread to the fallopian tube), sperm and egg in the fallopian tube through the cervix and uterus meet fertilized embryos after fertilization, and then gradually moved to the uterine cavity in bed, finally the growth of pregnancy in October delivery. 3, if you want to normal pregnancy, then to ensure that menstruation and ovulation in what state? With the change of ovulation, endometrial changes inside the uterine cavity changesperiodically, estrogen stimulation in the endometrium from thin to thick, liquid in the secretion of progesterone stimulation, endometrial exfoliation without hemorrhage form menstruation occurs the absence of progesterone, if pregnant uterus will not fall at the thick endometrial is fetal growth and development of the "fertile soil". The signal causes infertility menstruation, menstrual blood clots, irregular menstruation! Are all irregular menstruation will lead to infertility? Is not caused by irregular menstruation infertility, but the female body has a certain or several causes of menstrual irregularities infertility. The menstrual disorder with the disorder of egg formation is accompanied by a slight decrease in menstrual volume and menstrual.相关的主题文章: