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Intelligence to promote the improvement of air conditioning sales line – Sohu technology Beijing daily news (reporter Chen Wei) domestic air conditioning industry continued downturn in the situation eased. The State Information Center recently released the latest data show that the air conditioner market, 2016 cold year (August 1, 2015 -2016 July 31st) market sales and sales were 31 million 250 thousand units and 106 billion 300 million yuan under the air-conditioning line, grew by 4.36% and 2.47%, compared with 2015 years of market sales, sales double down cold situation has improved. Summer high temperature weather is the main driving factor to promote the development of air-conditioning industry in 2016 years. The country began to hot weather since June this year, after mid July is to enter the barbecue mode, there have been many high temperature 35-39 degrees, the highest temperature in some areas has reached 40-41 degrees, directly to the national air conditioner market sales. Data show that in June this year, in July air conditioning sales were achieved 5 million 280 thousand units and 5 million 820 thousand units, and sales accounted for nearly 15 of the annual sales of nearly $two. And from August 2015 to May 2016, the overall decline in air conditioning sales data, it can be said that in June, 7 months of sales growth is the key point of the growth of air conditioning sales in the year of 2016 cold years to achieve growth in. 2016 cold years, the air conditioning industry to accelerate structural adjustment, mainly to improve the proportion of intelligent air conditioning products in the high-end market. 2016 cold years, intelligent air conditioning sales and sales have achieved growth, market share reached 15.16% and 17.02%, respectively. More than 6000 yuan in high-end air conditioning products this year, the market accounted for by the cold of the year increased to 15.45% in the year of 10.46% to 2015. The rapid popularization of intelligent air conditioning, is mainly propelled by Yu Zhigao, the United States and other mainstream manufacturers, CHIGO since 2012 will continue to adjust the structure of the air conditioner, and constantly improve the intelligent air-conditioning products accounted for, and the United States earlier this month also explicitly pointed out that from the 2017 years of cold will be phasing out non intelligent products. The State Information Center Deputy Director of Department of information resources Cai Ying pointed out that the intelligent air conditioning has become the domestic air-conditioning industry after the inverter air conditioner and a new growth point, began to change the traditional home appliance manufacturing mode fundamentally. For just opened 2017 cold air conditioning industry trend, the industry generally optimistic. Some practitioners pointed out that in the opening 2016 cold years, the industry will carry about 40000000 sets of high inventory, with the mainstream air-conditioning brand to go steady, reasonable inventory strategy, coupled with hot weather stimulation, industry inventory has been further digestion, which is conducive to the development of the air conditioning manufacturers. According to the National Information Center data, so far, the air conditioning industry inventory maintained at a reasonable level. China Internet Network Marketing Association Committee of experts Hong Shibin remind, last year, air-conditioning industry overcapacity and high inventory constraints to the industry to bring the means that the traditional mode China Yahuo air-conditioning industry has come to an end, the air conditioning enterprises need to actively adjust the model to consumer demand more accurate positioning and adjust production, according to the difference stocking in different channels.相关的主题文章: