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In South Korea, on 4 kinds of life (B & B feel experience) – Sohu of South Korea tourism, Seoul little Shakespeare said: this place, recently some lively". But for me, this is a place to travel. A simple stroll to eat and eat, if you add a little story, you can be fun. When we go to school, the teacher often tells us that art comes from life, but higher than life. So I have always felt that art is to be looked up to the high cold objects, not easy to get along, need to keep the distance from the United states. Until I found a house in Jihye in Seoul. Her house itself is located in the Seoul Youth Art District, surrounding Hongik University, near the home of many scattered in the local popular style restaurant, ten minutes walk, you can reach the youthful and lively songs can be said to be Hongik University, naozhongqujing. Jihye is an office worker, recently bought the three bedroom house. A person living alone, she learned about art& stay project, decided to vacate two rooms to do airbnb. A room to show the artist works of art, and the mother is a tea master, so it becomes the guest room and art gallery. The room has no frills minimalist. The wall is made of copper rings of three-dimensional pine, the window with a diffuse copper ring fence radial, reflecting the color of the light; there are tree shaped copper ring lights. In addition, there are many works of artists, in the form of paintings, curtains into the room in the corner. Instead, the project is a project to provide accommodation for travelers, rather than a project to introduce Korean local artists from around the world. Every hostel will different artists, each display time for a period of three months, artists like good has been quite famous in South Korea have the opportunity through this form, the world travel enthusiasts understand and familiar. And each guest will be completed before the departure of the project to get an official certificate to prove that you have participated in the art & stay project to come, is a new attempt to promote the development of Korean art. Compared to do an exhibition in a short period of time to attract audiences a stampede in the form, such as the spring rain, moisten things silently, through the integration of the way of life, let a traveler to read, understand, and even love them. This can not be immediate, but stick to it, is a great cause, is a propaganda national essence of feelings and efforts. In Seoul two days, arrived late at night, we went downstairs to help jihye luggage, give us second days, fried rice; she handed us the prepared artist information and postcards, give us introduction and interpretation of works of art; the weekend morning, she prepared materials, gave us color the smell and taste of daily breakfast sandwiches; we go home, to show her jubilant shopping shooting results, as in a foreign country met a bestie; before leaving, she sent her tea with mom, slowly 1相关的主题文章: