In Jiaxing more than 20 years this man know his wife.

In Jiaxing more than 20 years this man actually do not know his wife to live with his real name, 20 years of stay together morning and night to his wife, has been concealing the true name. What did the wife do? What was once a person? How much more is she hiding from him? A series of questions so that Mr. Zhang was slow to god…… Recently, Jiaxing Xiuzhou court hearing the case in accordance with the divorce dispute. In December 1991, Mr. Zhang was introduced to a woman claiming to be "Wang Lanxiu" acquaintance. Fell in love after two years, Mr. Zhang and Wang Lanxiu married in March 6, 1993, April of the same year, the birth of a child. During this period, Mr. Zhang has never seen his wife’s identity card, and even marriage registration is based on the status of marriage from his wife sent over to prove. After marriage, the two people’s feelings are not bad, but his wife usually even bank cards are done in the name of Mr. zhang. Mr. Zhang also had some wonder, but when asked about it, his wife always find an excuse to refuse, prevarication in the past. In the past 20 years, the couple discuss his wife’s account from his home in Guizhou, moved to Jiaxing. 2014 Spring Festival, Wang Lanxiu back to the home for the relevant formalities, and brought back two certificates. Mr. Zhang a look dumbfounded, in 20 years the wife was named Wang Kaizhen, and the couple had a big fight. Mr. Zhang has not been able to figure out why his wife hid his real name. In April of the same year, his wife suddenly ran away and disappear without a trace. Zhang repeatedly looking for fruit, in February 2016 to the Xiuzhou court for divorce. The court accepted the case, because Mr Zhang is unable to provide his wife’s phone, the court will respond to Wang Kaizhen materials mailed to the domicile of Guizhou, after receipt of mail no one to respond, then the court to the notice served on the relevant materials, and the public hearing, but Wang Kaizhen did not appear in court. The court held that the plaintiff and defendant, although the Department of marriage, marriage in common life due to household chores such as conflict, the relationship between husband and wife is mu, more than the plaintiff and the defendant runaways separated for two years, no obligations between couples, that couples that have been broken, the decision to support the plaintiff’s claim of Mr. zhang.相关的主题文章: