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In a modern car suffered strike: local importers and distributors of modern cars in a continuous domestic trouble and foreign invasion rights for the tenth consecutive quarter of falling profits, domestic workers shut down, import dealer rights constantly Wang Yang in recent years, heady Hyundai Motor Group (hereinafter referred to as "Hyundai") is suffering from growing pains. In this year’s global sales decline and China’s sales growth decline in the situation, the recent fall in the modern automobile workers and local workers into a variety of Chinese imports of rights in the whirlpool. The day before, nearly 30 modern automobile import dealers due to sale of rights. The car no, in September 20th the collective protest in Beijing modern Automotive Building, ask for a refund of compensation network. At the same time, South Korea Hyundai Motor Trade Unions in September 26th to enter a comprehensive strike, asked the modern car to come up with a salary increase, including the improvement program. The modern automobile (China) Strategic Investment Limited Marketing Manager Wu Yanbing earlier in the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter the interview did not mention the relevance of the two, to reflect the dealers sell cars without the situation, but said Wu Yanbing (China) modern did not refuse to provide vehicles to dealers, just because of the bombings in Tianjin and Chinese emissions improved standards of imported cars can not lead to timely delivery. For the latest progress, modern (China) did not respond. Back network upgrade activist according to reporters from the modern import car dealers learned that the import of modern national and imported modern manufacturers to dealers have broke the "sell cars without the subsidy back network rights activist events", the modern automobile general manager Wang Xiufu in June 29th and July 13th respectively in Changsha, Shanghai and dealers on behalf of negotiations, but did not propose compensation measures. This attitude has been dissatisfied with the attitude of the dealer, and ultimately broke out in Beijing modern building blocking the door event. Dealers in September 19th and again 20 days to the modern automobile Beijing headquarters sent a letter to ask for a refund and compensate the loss of network. It is difficult to get the rights and the rights of different response, quickly get Hyundai’s response, dealers in the day they received modern rights (China) offered to carry out consultations and provide "support letters," the amount "support amount totaled 60 million yuan, an average of only 2 million yuan to each dealer, the dealer and the ideal the amount of compensation is far away. In this case, the modern (China) change strategy, start with the dealers to negotiate one by one, to determine the amount of compensation according to the actual situation of each dealer, according to the Jiangsu Nantong South Korea now auto sales & Service Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Rongzhen said, the two sides are still in negotiations. This storm originated 4 years ago in 2012, imports of modern manufacturers will import the modern car sales accounted for 80% of the "Santa Fe" models by Beijing modern production, and no subsequent main models launched, embarrassment, Shengda domestic sales situation is not satisfactory, compared with the Highlander, sharp boundary etc. the monthly sales of thousands of competitors, 9 year ago the average monthly sales of less than 1000 Shengda has actually become a straggler. Without the introduction of the main models lead to modern automobile theory相关的主题文章: