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If you take three times to the regulation of real estate opportunities, assets not far from 100 million original title: in addition to the house, and the life of the author: Li Yige and some friends, remember, is the house. This does not, two days ago, there is a long lost friend call, it is straight, ask, regulation, is a good time to buy a house? He means that the property market rose period, the buyer did not have the right to speak, can buy a good. Second-hand housing landlord, said today the price of the next day, signing and move a few centimeters to the price tag. That’s right. After each regulation, developers are not too dare to raise prices, the landlord can also bargain second-hand housing. It is indeed a single chance. But for the purpose of investment speculation for the purpose of buying a house, I generally do not give specific recommendations. Then joked with him: Xining, Lanzhou is said to be relatively low prices, or you go there to see? I managed to send him away. Always feel wrong. When prices rise, the anxious, afraid not to buy this month next month, more to buy; easy to support the central blessing, to stabilize the property market down, also want to bargain hunting. It seems that the mountain does not turn the water to turn around the house. I once said, it is because the real estate media, peers out abruptly in middle distance. About the same position, the same salary, because he was in a second tier cities bold investment in two suites, assets than you more than ten million. And this figure, you can not earn 20 years of normal labor. After 80 is said to be very sad reminder, just work on housing prices continued to rise. But there is a friend, like the end of the 80s, in the early years of first-tier cities bought a small Liangju, this round of price increases again in the second hot city bought two sets, there is a home city. In addition to the first line of the house is the father to pay the down payment, the other are loans, of course, there are replacement. Dare to loan, is the occupation outlook is full of optimism, but, according to my observation, the couple is also quite hard work. But this case is not much. I am of this age, there are investment vision, action is firm, surrounded by dozens of familiar friends, with several suites, but also two or three. Not everyone can accurately step on the rhythm of the property market. Those who do not say, if 2008, 2011, the three time this year, the property market in the short time you have to seize the opportunity to adjust, but also make good use of capital leverage, asset accumulation from the small target of 100 million may not be too far away from the. The truth is, we are all ordinary people. Buy a stock, turned 3 times, to take up a lot of luck. If three consecutive stocks have doubled, you’re warren. But God only in the distant legends, more often, when housing prices continued to rise, because of hesitation, wait-and-see, or insufficient funds, missed, countless countless times back and regret. There is another, this week just sell, next week rose 300 thousand. Also regret. As the Shanghai and Shenzhen City, housing prices rose to at this point, I can only look at the white-collar, too. Before the regulation, see the report said, far in the six ring, Mentougou house, in case of a set of 800, lined up to grab. Urban dynamic Wei相关的主题文章: