Hunan four wind report a key to investigate more than 350 problems dealt with more than 120 people clazziquai

Hunan four wind reports Mr. Li PTT and dispose of more than 350 of more than 120 people – Beijing, Qiyang County of Hunan Province, found a car with "planning the construction of law enforcement" logo of the pickup truck parked in the cell downstairs, he realized that the car may be suspected Gongjusiyong, he took out his mobile phone to a readily shoot, upload photos to the provincial Commission for discipline inspection official WeChat ‘four winds’ PTT report "column. 5 days later, online published the results: Mr. Li problems reflected by the local commission for Discipline Inspection verified, the staff involved have been seriously accountable. "Found" four winds ", a mobile phone can press out through the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, it is convenient!" Mr. Li heartfelt sigh. In February 24th this year, the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection in the official WeChat sunshine discipline on the opening of "four winds" report POC "function, and the sunshine discipline network" ‘four winds’ report POC "section implement a platform management, accept the masses. At the beginning of the day, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection staff received a report letter, reflecting the Huaihua Municipal Seismological Bureau He Huiming for a long time the unit bus card for himself, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection repeatedly with the gas card for private cars. Staff for the first time to Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection assigned a letter, the Local Discipline Inspection Commission immediately set up an investigation group to investigate. In the face of overwhelming evidence, the fact that He Huiming has admitted his disciplinary problems, Huaihua City Commission for Discipline Inspection to give the party a serious warning, according to its program was relieved from the post as director of Seismological Bureau, ordered to withdraw from the proceeds of discipline. In March 28th, sunshine discipline network report "track a" four winds "network reported the investigation process", the "four winds" problem, investigation and handling, acceptance assigned by the public response to the whole process of illustrations presented in front of friends, Party members and cadres in the province has played a good role in warning education. As of August this year, the column received a total of 3718 reports of various types of users, reply to deal with 3567. Among them, 133 reported to belong to the scope of acceptance of the column were assigned a letter, supervision and discipline inspection organs at all levels and all types of "four winds" more than 350 party and government discipline, more than 120 people, and on the Internet for public to report a reply. ‘four winds’ report a key link, staring at important nodes, adhere to a node a node correction, the four winds". During the festival, "four winds" report POC "column will focus on the acceptance of Party cadres illegal to send and receive moon cakes and gifts, illegal public funds, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, welfare or illegal use of buses and other ten kinds of behavior, and will coordinate the discipline inspection organs at all levels to deal with serious violation of discipline. (Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection)相关的主题文章: