Hubei is facing heavy snow! Wuhan morning minimum temperature is only 4 degrees (Figure) (video) kasey chase

Hubei is facing heavy snow! The minimum temperature is only 4 degrees Celsius in Wuhan tomorrow morning (map) tomorrow, you will probably have to spend a cold morning after the fall of the city of Wuhan, the lowest temperature of 4 DEG C or only, but then Wuhan will usher in the heating tour. Yesterday, the rain is moving away from Wuhan, but the temperature of Wuhan city is still in the doldrums, daytime temperatures hovering at 10 DEG -12 DEG, cold, many people to put on a down jacket, winter wool pants etc.. Today to tomorrow morning, cold degree continues to escalate, the morning of Wuhan city minimum temperature may be only 5 degrees Celsius, is expected to refresh the second half of this year lows. Although now Wuhan is not winter, but 11 months is the transition from autumn to winter season, cooling is often very intense, according to historical statistics, 11 month is the strong cold air and windy cold weather appeared most months, we do not change the autumn cold, warm and cold proof clothes. Fortunately, after the return of the sun in the daytime, the temperature in Wuhan will pick up during the day, and the temperature will accelerate after the day after tomorrow. The highest temperature in the central city is expected to be about 19 degrees centigrade. However, due to the strong night temperature radiation cooling is relatively strong, the daily temperature difference is relatively large, sooner or later is still relatively cold. Meteorological experts said, Hubei Province, the annual average in late November at the end of the winter, and since 2000, the winter postponed trend, Wuhan many years in early December before winter. Wuhan is expected to light overcast during the day, the temperature is 8 -11, the humidity is 65%-95%, and the northerly wind is from 2 to 3. From tonight to tomorrow, the weather will be cloudy to sunny, the temperature will be 4 -14, the southerly wind will be 2 to 3, and the central city will be 5 -15 -19. The temperature will be cloudy to sunny, the temperature will be 6 degrees -18, and the central city will be 7 degrees centigrade. According to Beijing: November 8th, Hubei Shennongjia forest region Alpine down the biggest winter snow. The cola broke the golden monkey, and they played and fought in the snow bushes, and fought the snow. It is reported that affected by cold wave, Hubei, Hefeng, the town of camp, Changyang fire and other Western Hubei mountain area usher in heavy snowfall. Snowfall from 7 late 11 Xu Xu, up to now, 1680 meters above sea level in Hefeng County, the town of the highest snow area up to 5 cm, and the average elevation of 1800 meters of Changyang fire road snow reached 20 centimeters. Recommended reading: Rush sellers for female debt trading disputes since the man brandished a knife and cut finger workers dismantled a dangerous street demolition of Qing Dynasty "Changsha hall" Hubei Shennongjia forest region down Blizzard monkey playing in the snow battle at noon with orange afternoon sprinkle radish in Hubei Expressway garden becomes the little girl surnamed Xiong was on such a family nickname distress more welcome snowfall minimum temperature -16 C Jinghagaosu Changchun approximation: snowfall caused many traffic accidents on the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

湖北多地迎来大雪!武汉明晨最低气温仅4℃(图) 明天,大家可能将要度过入秋后最冷的一个清晨,武汉市最低气温或仅4℃,不过,随后武汉将迎来升温之旅。昨天,雨水虽与武汉渐行渐远,但武汉市气温依旧低迷,白天气温徘徊在10℃-12℃,寒意袭人,不少人提前穿上了羽绒服、羊毛裤等冬装。今天到明晨,寒冷程度继续升级,明晨武汉市最低气温可能只有5℃左右,预计会刷新今年下半年来的新低。虽然眼下武汉还未入冬,但11月是秋冬过渡的时节,降温常常非常剧烈,根据历史资料统计,11月份是强冷空气和大风寒潮天气出现最多的月份,大家不要秋冻,换上保暖防寒的衣服吧。好在,明天白天阳光回归后,武汉市白天气温会有所回升,后天升温脚步加快,中心城区最高气温预计有19℃左右。不过由于晴天夜间辐射降温比较厉害,日温差比较大,早晚时分还是比较冷。气象专家说,湖北省常年平均在11月下旬末才入冬,而2000年以来,入冬有推迟趋势,武汉许多年份在12月上旬才入冬。预计武汉今天白天小雨转阴天,气温8℃-11℃,湿度65%-95%,偏北风2到3级。今晚到明天白天多云到晴天,气温4℃-14℃,偏南风2到3级,中心城区5℃-15℃,明晚到后天白天多云到晴天,气温6℃-18℃,中心城区7℃-19℃。另据中新网:11月8日,湖北神农架林区高山地带降下入冬以来最大一场雪。这可乐坏了金丝猴,它们在雪地树丛间嬉戏打闹,还打起了雪仗。据悉,受寒潮降温影响,湖北鹤峰中营镇、长阳火烧坪等鄂西山区迎来强降雪。降雪从7日晚11时许开始,截至目前,海拔1680米的鹤峰县中营镇路面积雪厚度最高达5厘米,而平均海拔1800米的长阳火烧坪路段道路积雪达到20厘米。推荐阅读:急着卖房为女还债 交易起纠纷男子挥刀自剁手指 工人拆除临街一危房 拆出清代“长沙会馆” 湖北神农架林区降下暴雪 金丝猴打起了雪仗 中午洒橘子下午洒萝卜 湖北高速公路变果园菜园 熊姓小女孩被人起了这样一个外号 家人很苦恼 多地迎降雪 最低气温逼近-16℃ 京哈高速长春段:降雪导致多起交通事故 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: