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HUAWEI Mate9 release! Known as "the world’s most intelligent mobile phone technology Sohu" – this is Ali for 11 employees for double sun 3000 quilts "Entrepreneur Magazine" WeChat public number (ID:ichuangyebang) can not know 1, Lenovo executives big shake: mobile phone business coaching, introduced 3 foreign aid code plus artificial intelligence news November 3rd, Lenovo Group announced a number of the appointment, announced the appointment of three executives, and three executives of the original team position was changed. Among them, Qiao Jian, who is responsible for Lenovo’s global human resources to succeed Chen Xudong, the leader of the mobile China business, will take over the responsibility of the global services business, which will be replaced by mr". In addition to the mobile phone business, Lenovo also announced the introduction of 3 new executives to layout the future of artificial intelligence. Lenovo’s second quarter net profit of $157 million sale of property benefit $206 million Lenovo Group yesterday released earnings results, the company’s second quarter revenue of $11 billion 231 million, down 8%? Group profit before tax was $168 million? Net profit attributable to equity holders of $157 million, a loss of $714 million for the same period last year. In addition, the Lenovo Group in the first half of the Beijing two office buildings for customer service leaseback, $129 million and $206 million in contributions to the sale of property income respectively for the first and two quarter. 2, GREE within three days of the two was the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry: mergers and acquisitions will not give up long silver since GREE announced increase and raising the acquisition of silver long new energy plan in mid August, was acquired by the subject silver long new energy has become the focus of attention. In November 2nd, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued three letters of concern. The day before the Zhuhai silver long signed 1000 new energy vehicles orders issue with the Guangdong CITIC sun, GREE electric requirements further illustrate the entry into force of the contract and the liability for breach of contract. GREE, a person close to the senior sources to the media, GREE will not give up M & a silver dragon, the current program will be adjusted to continue to advance, as to how to modify the specific, is still in the study." 3, Ma Yun: Hongkong if the reform of the rules of the listing of ant gold will go to Hong Kong IPO Ma Yun said yesterday that, so far, the ant gold service in Hongkong IPO has not yet become a foregone conclusion. Ant gold service is expected next year IPO, the funds raised will be used for business expansion. Ma Yun said that the final in the HKEx listing, but also depends on whether it is conducive to the regulatory framework of financial technology companies. 4, the world’s top 1000 R & D: Ali Baidu list recently, PWC’s management consulting firm in 2016, the world’s top creative research results released by the world’s top 1000. In the China listed companies, Alibaba and ZTE for the first time beyond the oil in the top two, remaining in the list of the top ten companies, including PetroChina, Baidu, Lenovo, China Railway, China railway construction, SAIC, Tencent. It should be stressed that, because HUAWEI has not yet listed in the analysis of the sample is not, but according to HUAWEI’s annual report, its 2015 R & D expenditures for the相关的主题文章: