Huashan lost 47 days to play the girl was found to be the cause of death is still a mystery

Visit Huashan lost 47 days the girl was found the cause of death remains a mystery – Chen Wen review August 1st 29 year old Beijing cases alone to visit Huashan in August 2nd in Huashan, south peak hit last August 3rd -9, mobile phone and telephone traffic using the mobile phone no use record after August 9th September 1st Shaanxi police formally opened the Chen Wen family to Huashan in Shaanxi in September 9th September 3rd police in Huashan, Xifeng at the foot of a body was found yesterday after a preliminary comparison and DNA’s family to identify the body is lost girl Chen Wen Washington lost contact for several days of Hainan girl Chen Wen finally found, but sadly, after 47 days of waiting, is coming from the bad news. 8 last night, the reporter learned from Chen Wen family, Shaanxi police have contact with them, after comparison of DNA confirmed in Huashan found a corpse of Chen Wen, the Chen Wen family is handling the funeral, Chen Wen’s death and the specific situation of Shaanxi police is still under investigation. In August 1st, working in Shenzhen Hainan Baisha Li Autonomous County of Longjiang farm girl Chen Wen went to Shaanxi to play in the vicinity of Huashan lost contact. Since the beginning of the September Chen Wen report to the police after the families of Yin, Huayin police in the vicinity of Huashan launched a massive search. In September 9th, the Shaanxi police found in Huashan of Xifeng at the foot of a highly decomposed body, looks illegible, the Chen Wen family of carrion is certainly not Chen Wen said. Then the police collected DNA for identification. Yesterday, the bad news came, after a preliminary comparison and DNA’s family to identify the body that had lost contact with the girl Chen Wen, yesterday evening reporter called Chen Wen is also the first time the father of the telephone, the final confirmation of this news, they say there is one family with Chen Wen funeral, due to the grief others do not want to talk about, at the same time enthusiastic people also hope through our days since thanks so concerned about Chen Wen. At present, the Shaanxi police for the specific cause of death Chen Wen and other relevant circumstances are under further investigation. Reporter Chang Kevin figure相关的主题文章: