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Hsu Chi small wedding ceremony of less than 20 people, my mother cry [] Hsu Chi Stephen Fung married Erhualian married the wedding will be held in Prague (the entertainment Tencent Zhao Zhenzong) met 20 years, 4 years of love Stephen Fung and Hsu Chi, 3 pm to 1 officially announced marriage hearing: "our marriage is so simple, we decided the entanglement of a lifetime. P.S. is not currently pregnant." A few simple words, it outlines the two happiest moments. In fact, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung is also the wedding of minimalism to the mechanism. Hsu Chi wore a dress of H& M for two years before her, Stephen Fung’s suit was just bought, but it is not big. In the same way, Hsu Chi’s pink dress was bought just before the photo shoot. As for the veil, she is just at a local store to pick the wedding. In addition, two people for the wedding of the mirror of the famous photographer Lin Bingcun just received notice of work 1 weeks ago. And subject to the requirements of the two designated natural wind wedding photos, the photographer’s trip to Prague took only a reflector. From the current exposure of the wedding to take care of, there are the bride back to the groom, Hsu Chi wearing a wedding dress jump, 2 people face and other lively scenes. One of the play dislocation photography, it seems Hsu Chi put him in his mouth, very cute. What are random, to the ring can not be casual, right? It is understood that Hsu Chi with a diamond ring for its own brand of Bvlgari. Stephen Fung selected the brand Delicata a series Venizia Venice platinum diamond ring as a symbol of two tokens, the main drill about 3 carats, color purity are top. Hsu Chi himself said in an interview, said: the size of the diamond is not important, the most important is its significance." It is understood that this ring design was inspired by a marriage record in Venice in sixteenth Century, when the groom to the bride as a wedding ring with a wedding ring, is the first time in history records. In addition, two people marry to is the classic Bvlgari Serpenti series 18K platinum ring, the male models are single ring without diamond, the bride has single circle diamond, refers to the ring type snake around the symbol takes the eternal power to hold happiness. In fact, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung were shooting "Grand Theft Auto Union" has been a long time in Czech, but even the low-key married film producer Zhang Jiazhen also surprised. "They are really good mystery, from the eyes of all people, start every day, can actually get married!" In addition to the blessing, according to him, the crew only a day before the holiday, the two are likely at this time to get married. After the news, as the crew recently moved from Prague to Czech the sixth largest city in Olomouc viewfinder, the local Pozov Castle (Bouzov Castle) is a wedding hot, which also suggests that the two wedding in here. But it was denied by Hsu Chi. "How could they write". The only credible news is that Hsu Chi himself in an interview revealed that the wedding site of more than 20 friends and relatives witnessed. See the daughter’s wedding, specially flew to Hsu Chi’s mother is far cry spent makeup. As to where to get married, where to marry, and so on the details, whether Hsu Chi or Stephen Fung are said to be confidential.相关的主题文章: