How do you suggest your girlfriend wants to buy a new Apple computer Give her the goods. jessica rabbit

How do you suggest your girlfriend wants to buy a new Apple computer? Send her the goods Tencent digital news (compiled: Human) many products in the factory or just buy the hands of time, have a special smell, and have some special hobby for these industrial products smell has a special love, some people smell the smell will be particularly intoxicated. And now appeared on the market a very wonderful taste of the candle, and you never know what it is. Yes, Apple’s new product packaging. Although most of the ordinary users, Apple should pay less attention to the taste of new Apple products packaging, but TwelveSouth is specially introduced the name of Mac Soy Candle aromatherapy candle, this fragrance taste is an imitation of Apple products new packaging unspeakable taste. According to TwelveSouth, the fragrance is completely made of soybean wax, can be 45 to 55 hours of continuous use, so if it is intermittent use, should adhere to a long time. It is reported that, although the smell taste like some packaging industrial electronic products, but in fact it is a peach, mint, basil, lavender, sage and other spices, and no harm to human body. This Mac Soy Candle candle is priced at $24 (about RMB yuan), TwelveSouth can access the official order if you are interested. But to tell the truth, this wonderful taste, should be only "Pyramid" level will love fruit powder, for ordinary people, there should be no value. Source: UberGizmo相关的主题文章: