Hey, children of Jiang Wenli could alone lost the pain of suffering children running man 20130908

"Hey," Jiang Wenli lost the child to endure pain in her Jiang Wenli stills Guo Xiaodong stills Li Xiaoran stills Qi Xi Han Qing stills Sina entertainment news recently, by the Zhejiang TV hit series "Hey, a child is causing" slobber war escalated in the play, Jiang Wenli played the story of her humble rhyme. The two generation of the audience but cause. Some media said that the TV drama "Hey," children of life reveal very deep sub topic tore the hearts of the audience. "Hey, kids" slobber battle upgrade, sub topic tear the hearts of the audience as a life theme, "Hey kid" by the unique angle of view and down to earth story attracted a lot of attention. Jiang Wenli interpretation of the party to rhyme praying, humble and "Crazy", after that he ovarian failure, her whole world collapsed, and even want to borrow egg twins. With the sustained hit drama, praying on topic rhyme is also rising, the collision between two generations is increasingly fierce, can spark overflowing. Young people continue to hold high the banner of freedom, love, and resolutely safeguard the individuality, shouting "the child is not a thing, also can adopt" "what’s up, why still insist on serving the decadent thoughts; and middle-aged people in this battle did not concede, that" there is no experience, do not understand "or" young people the children, of course do not know what children mean for parents, so Diamond cuts diamond. debate is fierce. Not only that, "Hey," on the subject of children get richer and more profound way to show in front of the audience. The loss of sadness, not the pain of childbirth, borrow eggs Children helpless, let this child is full of tear effect of drama. Jiang Wenli cried in sadness play to the extreme, let the audience five mixed, tearing the hearts of the audience, is a hot topic nowadays the most down to earth. Film critic: "Hey, kids," the life is very profound to reveal a lot of professional film critics also for "Hey, kids" and the resulting controversy caused by the audience’s own unique view. Many critics in relevant position, a comprehensive analysis of the young and middle-aged people’s fertility concept, film critic Sun Peng said: "Hey," the child "in Jiang Wenli’s party rhyme slobber war two generation humble praying detonated the audience, why she wanted to give birth to what is behind the refraction fling caution to the winds, this almost zouhuorumo praying? Young people because too little experience, think more is how to achieve their goals in life, can not understand the pain in the heart, but also can not get resonance, this is normal. And "Hey, kids," cried a lot of middle-aged audience, but also because of a ‘Hey, kids’ out of the middle of the suffering of the people." Famous critic Liu Zaiming said: "for many young viewers," Hey, kids "in the rhyme in her mind is because they think won’t listen to reason, life only belongs to the individual, and not involved in the continuation of the problem. However, even if the direction to DINK who want to freeze eggs like this, and it shows that young people in children on the issue of ambivalence, can say "Hey, kids" to reveal life is very deep." )相关的主题文章: