Henan Yanzhao president expelled from the party, won the national model teacher winavi

Henan pornographic president was expelled from the party won the national model teacher was reported mistress, indecent bed photo circulated on the Internet, Henan Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school branch secretary, President Wang Xingwen has deep vortex of public opinion. The morning of October 13th, the event of new progress: Henan Luyi County Propaganda Department propaganda office director Chen told the "Beijing times" (micro signal: Btimedc), the County Commission for Discipline Inspection has been investigated and decided to give Wang Xingwen expelled from the party. Director Chen also revealed that Chapaev bilingual school board has decided that from the post of President Wang Xingwen. A day earlier, Luyi County Education Bureau told the Beijing time that Wang Xingwen had been suspended for investigation. Since last weekend, a "Henan Luyi County Bureau of education led Wang Xing, you return my youth, but also my hard-earned money."! "The post circulated, in each big forum post said, Wang Xingwen Piancaipianse, threatened lover" allows the driver to kill you ". The card contains more than 10 bed photo, which shows a man with a naked woman lying in bed. "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) survey found that Wang Xingwen was born in 1962, bachelor degree, Communist Party members, senior secondary school teachers, 1981 to participate in the education work, prior to any of Luyi County Chapaev bilingual school branch secretary, president. On the Internet, the people of Luyi Physical Education Bureau introduced the school as a private school. Wang Xing’s Department of education was officially appointed as a teacher of the party branch. "Beijing time" (micro signal: Btimedc) access found that in September 10, 2014, the Ministry of human resources and social affairs, the Ministry of Education jointly decided to award 719 national "model teacher" honorary title, Wang Xingwen is one of the commended. President Wang Xingwen in October 2014, Chinese network had an interview with Wang Xingwen, said it is "keen to education, diligent. He regarded the child, to cultivate a group of outstanding students". Beijing original Li Ying Henan strong recommendation: [a] collect the set for Zhengzhou in the memory of old buildings (source network) now the streets of Zhengzhou, high-rise buildings, new buildings such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as one after another appears, people seem to gradually forget the old buildings in the downtown area of those hidden in the. In the ever-changing environment, they still maintain that distinctive unique. Zhengzhou old building has a long history, by restoring old photos, old scenes, to record the traditional beauty, arouse the memory of youth. Look for old buildings that are still there, and record them at the moment with cameras! For specific information please click the > > "a set" to review the > film; > [truth] dare to leave your "first kiss" age ___ ___. In human life, there are some secrets that cannot be told, regrets that cannot be held back, dreams that cannot be met, love that cannot be forgotten. A daily topic invites you to wave"! > address >

河南艳照门校长被开除党籍 曾获全国模范教师因被情妇举报、不雅“床照”在网上流传,河南鹿邑县伯阳双语学校党支部书记、校长王兴稳近日深陷舆论漩涡。10月13日上午,该事件出现新进展:河南鹿邑县委宣传部外宣办陈主任告诉“北京时间”(微信号:Btimedc),县纪委已调查并决定,给予王兴稳开除党籍处分。陈主任还透露,伯阳双语学校董事会已决定,免去王兴稳校长职务。早前一天,鹿邑县教体局告诉“北京时间”,王兴稳已被停职接受调查。不雅照上周末起,一则《河南鹿邑县教育局领导王兴稳,你还我青春,还我血汗钱!》的帖子在各大论坛流传,帖子称,王兴稳骗财骗色,还威胁情人“让司机杀了你”。帖子中包含10多张“床照”,其中显示一名男子裸身与女子躺在床上。“北京时间”(微信号:Btimedc)调查发现,王兴稳生于1962年,本科学历,中共党员,中学高级教师,1981年参加教育工作,此前任鹿邑县伯阳双语学校党支部书记、校长。网上流传的不雅照鹿邑县教体局人士介绍,该校系一所民办学校,王兴稳系教育局在编在职正式教师,委派到该校担任党支部书记职务。“北京时间”(微信号:Btimedc)查阅发现,2014年9月10日,人社部、教育部联合决定,授予全国719人“全国模范教师”荣誉称号,王兴稳是被表彰者之一。王兴稳2014年10月,中国校长网曾专访王兴稳,称其“热衷教育事业,勤勤恳恳。他视生如子,励精图治,培养出一批批优秀学子”。北京时间原创 李英强大豫推荐:【一拍集合征集令】寻找郑州记忆里的老建筑(图片来源网络)如今的郑州街头,高楼林立,新建筑如雨后春笋般接二连三的出现,人们似乎渐渐淡忘了那些隐藏于闹市中的老建筑。在周围环境瞬息万变的情况下,它们仍保持着那份与众不同的独特。郑州老建筑历史悠久,通过还原老照片旧景,来记录那些传统的美好,唤起年少时的记忆。寻找那些仍存的老建筑,用相机记录下它们此刻的样子吧!征集活动具体信息请点击>>《一拍集合》往期回顾>>【真心话大冒险】敢不敢留下你的“初吻”年龄 ___ ___。人的一生,都有一些说不出的秘密,挽不回的遗憾,触不到的梦想,忘不了的爱。每日一话题,邀你来“浪”!《真心话大冒险》栏目地址>>相关的主题文章: