Hefei police destroyed a number of manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens k-boxing

Hefei police destroyed a number of manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens in Anhui financial network 3 yuan a catty of bulk liquor, poured into the online buy brand liquor bottle, a bottle of 10 yuan less than the cost of alcohol, turned the market price of 200 yuan brand liquor, and then to the market price of 1/3, or half of the sale price. In November 4th, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter learned from the Hefei police, the day before, Hefei Yaohai police destroyed a team selling liquor dens, the scene seized nearly thousand bottles of various types of wine. Village reservoir filling of counterfeit dens in August this year, Yaohai police get a message that the logistics market in the area of counterfeit liquor made overseas, the police immediately launched an investigation. The secret to track the sender, the police soon found in the surrounding areas of Hefei, there are a number of manufacturing counterfeit dens, a large number of fake liquor here is complete, then shipped to Hefei, and then sold in several cities in the province. After a period of the investigation, the gang selling counterfeit products gradually surfaced. The early morning of October 27th, police in Anhui, a village in Lu’an, found the dens, just finished more than and 100 boxes of counterfeit products, ready to pull the night 2 suspects seized on the spot sales of Hefei. The police, in addition to alcohol, at the scene also found a lot of wine, and a full set of fake equipment. In one of the suspects home, police also seized hundreds of pieces have finished wine. The cost of 10 yuan counterfeit products, selling over more than and 10 times after being arrested, the suspect named Ma and Dong Mou confessed to the crime on their own, according to their account, they from the market price of 3 yuan a pound to purchase bulk wine, filling in recycled, or bought from the Internet into the bottle, then using a special machine for packaging, from the appearance point of view, and on the market really wine to distinguish between true and false, even printing and anti-counterfeit labels are Goods are available in all varieties. After completion of processing, they cost less than 10 yuan per bottle of wine in the market retail price of 1/3 to half of the price and then sold to the needs of businesses, profit from. According to the two men, since the second half of this year, they have accumulated more than 1600 bottles of wine and in this way, are exported to all parts of Anhui, the value of more than 20 yuan. In order to avoid the police investigation, Ma et al are generally not large hoarding of goods, every time after receiving orders to begin business processing, materials, equipment, processing is convenient, a night time can do more than and 100 boxes." Ma said, and each transaction, they are not directly sent to the liquor business shop, but the choice is very subtle way, or through the logistics, or agreed to trade places with each other, usually on the roadside or in a remote place, "the car parked on the roadside, the name of a double jump, one will be able to see the person to pick up a direct move away, then knot payment." Police told reporters. At present, the case is still under further digging. Correspondent and public market new star, Anhui financial network reporter Wang Weiwei相关的主题文章: