Guilin sampling oil market seized 3 batches of substandard oil govos

Guilin sampling oil market seized 3 batches of substandard oil Guilin evening news (reporter Yang Yan correspondent Tang Hui) yesterday, the reporter learned from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Bureau of quality sampling action range of eleven County six city oil organizations come to an end, this sampling of varieties is the No. 97 car gasoline, No. 93 gasoline, No. 0 diesel oil, gasoline (diesel oil), the qualified rate is 92.5%. It is reported that the sampling operations, mainly to detect the gasoline unwashed gum content, sulfur content, research octane number of 14 projects, mainly diesel sulfur content, the acidity of the detection of 8 indicators, whether the oil is mainly detected viscosity, viscosity index of 7 projects in line with national standards. A total of 29 oil products enterprises and gas stations (spots) were sampled and 40 batches of samples were sampled, of which 3 batches were unqualified, and the qualified rate was 92.5%. Industrial and Commercial Bureau city official said, according to the sampling results, the oil unqualified enterprises shall be seriously investigated, according to the "Regulations of the people’s Republic of China product quality law", in order to stop the production, sales, confiscate the illegal production and sales of products, will also be at the illegal production and sale of goods amount equivalent to the value of above three times the fine. The business sector to remind consumers in the purchase of oil, should choose to complete license, to ensure the credibility of the gas station to buy, consumers found that operators selling substandard oil products, please call 12315 to report, the business sector will be investigated according to law.

桂林抽检成品油市场 查获3个批次不合格成品油   桂林晚报讯(记者阳颜 通讯员唐慧)昨天,记者从市工商局了解到,该局对全市六城区十一县范围内成品油组织开展的质量抽检行动告一段落,此次抽检品种为97号车用汽油、93号车用汽油、0号车用柴油、汽(柴)油机油,合格率为92.5%。   据悉,此次抽检行动,汽油主要检测其中的未洗胶质含量、硫含量、研究法辛烷值等14个项目,柴油主要检测其中的硫含量、酸度等8项指标,机油则主要检测运动粘度、粘度指数等7个项目是否符合国家标准。此次共抽查全市成品油经营企业、加油站(点)29家,抽检样品40个批次,其中3个批次不合格,合格率为92.5%。市工商局有关负责人称,将根据此次抽检结果,对油品不合格企业依法进行严肃查处,根据《中华人民共和国产品质量法》规定,除责令停止生产、销售,没收违法生产、销售的产品外,还将处以违法生产、销售产品货值金额等值以上三倍以下的罚款。   市工商部门提醒广大消费者,在购买成品油时,应选择到证照齐全、有信誉保证的加油站购买,消费者发现经营者销售不合格成品油,请拨打12315进行举报,工商部门将依法查处。相关的主题文章: