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[notice] & guest recruitment activities; IT 82& 83& orange salon article; 84 period: 2016 venture capital enterprise service trend of Sohu < technology; > activity; in the past two years, business services has experienced investment growth several times, the C end of the market forced to break into the capital in the cold winter leave almost no influence to it, venture capital resources more into this direction. As of October 26th, IT orange included a total of 443 enterprises from the service investment incident, has become the largest investment event this year, the industry. However, this warm winter, due to the lack of operational experience, was off the high cost and the fierce competition and other factors, the development of enterprise service company is still under control. So, the service industry in the capital will continue to stand in the winter? Exploration and trial and error, enterprise services for passengers, operations and cash have a breakthrough? What are the opportunities still exist? This issue IT orange salon, we will invite entrepreneurs and investors to explore. < activity information > < activity agenda > < guest recruitment requirements > < how to register to become a guest sharing? > please send your name, project profiles, contact information is sent to the following contact: PS: the guest seats are limited, we will according to the theme of the project in accordance with the requirements of the matching degree and time to confirm order confirmation of guests to share those places, so please contact us but not to the stage to share CEO or COO or CTO pro, remember to let us these oranges! In fact, there are still a series of other activities, we can collect and store your project information, so that the next event will be able to invite you to participate in the! < how do the audience sign up? > to be confirmed before the guests, one to two weeks, we will officially begin in the activities of the official activities of the link, parents can from "IT orange" WeChat public number, station, and access to official blog activity to the registration link, orange Jun did not provide the manual registration application, then you can call on good friends join us. < why do you want to share it with the IT orange? I; Want You >相关的主题文章: