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Guangdong added 10 counties included in the national key ecological function areas – Guangdong channel — original title: Guangdong added 10 counties included in the national key ecological function areas recently announced the State Council agreed on the part of the new county (city, District, flag) included in the approved national key ecological function areas, were listed into the national key new ecological functional areas of the county (city, District, flag) list. The reporter saw, Guangdong province has 10 counties (cities) were included in the list, Wengyuan County, Xinyi City, new Fengxian County, Tai Po County and Fengshun County, Lianzhou City, Luhe County, Yangshan County, Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, Liannan Yao Autonomous county. Previously, our province has Shixing, Ruyuan, Lechang, Renhua, Nanxiong, Pingyuan, Jiaoling, Xingning, Longchuan and other 11 counties, Lianping peace (city and district) into the national key ecological function areas. Since 2012, the central and provincial governments have carried out ecological compensation for the 11 counties (cities, districts) every year through transfer payment funds, which has effectively protected the county’s ecological protection and people’s livelihood. After the addition of 10 counties (cities), the province has reached 21 counties (cities, districts) of the national key ecological functional areas. (Xie Qingyu) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)

广东新增10县纳入国家重点生态功能区–广东频道–人民网 原标题:粤新增10县纳入国家重点生态功能区   中国政府网近日公布了国务院关于同意新增部分县(市、区、旗)纳入国家重点生态功能区的批复,并列出了新增纳入国家重点生态功能区的县(市、区、旗)名单。记者看到,广东省有10个县(市)纳入名单,分别为翁源县、新丰县、信宜市、大埔县、丰顺县、陆河县、连州市、阳山县、连山壮族瑶族自治县、连南瑶族自治县。   此前,我省已有始兴、仁化、乳源、乐昌、南雄、平远、蕉岭、兴宁、龙川、连平、和平等11个县(市、区)纳入国家重点生态功能区。从2012年起,中央和省财政每年通过转移支付资金对该11个县(市、区)进行生态补偿,有力保障了县域的生态保护和民生建设。此次新增10个县(市)后,全省纳入国家重点生态功能区的县(市、区)达21个。(谢庆裕) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: