Fuzhou Mawei early completion of the municipal key project resettlement housing monomer acceptance 若槻ゆうか

Mawei ahead of the completion of resettlement housing projects monomer acceptance of Fuzhou municipal key news network (microblogging) 11 20 April (Fuzhou Daily News (microblogging) reporter Lin Luoyu correspondent Zhang Weijiang super cloud) reporter yesterday from Mawei District learned that the municipal hundred days crucial action project — Langqi Economic Zone C Block shantytowns (Minjiang garden) resettlement housing in 18 has successfully completed single acceptance, 42 days earlier than originally planned to complete the hundred days crucial goal. "Minjiang Langqi Jiayuan housing project construction scope, procedures, time is tight, in order to promote the progress of construction, the company has repeatedly called the construction and supervision units to develop their own alternate construction node plan prompted the parties to reach a consensus. At the same time, the communication network and WeChat group have been set up to facilitate the timely communication and timely optimization and adjustment of the construction process." The project leader told reporters, in addition, the company through signing the construction schedule of responsibility, increase equipment, personnel, etc., to seize the schedule, to ensure the orderly construction of the project, "this makes the project ahead of schedule to successfully complete monomer acceptance."." It is understood that the C land shantytowns Langqi Economic Zone (Minjiang garden) resettlement housing projects for 0.24 acres, a total construction area of 102 thousand and 500 square meters, 68 thousand square meters of residential area, building 11 Building 9 layer ~17 architecture, 636 sets of resettlement households. (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog)) >

福州马尾提前完成市级攻坚项目 安置房单体验收福州新闻网(微博)11月20日讯(福州日报(微博) 记者 林洛羽 通讯员 张薇 江超云)记者昨日从马尾区了解到,市级百日攻坚行动项目——琅岐经济区c地块棚户区(闽江佳园)改造安置房已于18日顺利完成单体验收,较原计划提前42天完成百日攻坚目标。“琅岐闽江佳园安置房项目施工面广、工序多、工期紧,为了更好地提升施工进度,公司多次召集施工、监理等参建单位制定各自的穿插施工节点计划,促使各参建方达成共识。同时还成立了通讯网、微信群等便于及时沟通、及时优化调整施工工序。”该项目负责人告诉记者,除此之外,公司通过签订施工进度责任书,增加设备、人员等,全力抢抓进度,确保项目建设有条不紊推进,“这才使得项目得以提前顺利完成单体验收。”据了解,琅岐经济区c地块棚户区(闽江佳园)改造安置房项目用地0.24亩,总建筑面积10.25万平方米,住宅面积6.8万平方米,建设11幢9层~17层的建筑,安置户636套。(福州新闻网(微博))>相关的主题文章: