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Founded two ofo made the first release released out of the campus with play – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Xiao Han Chi things on November 17th news, founded two years in shared bicycle ofo held its first conference, announced the city development strategy, including the use of solid tire design ofo 3 version of the bicycle, open a bike sharing program, and the enterprise will be in the 22 city operation. Ofo founder and CEO Dai Wei said ofo will be achieved by the end of 2016 the goal of connecting the 1 million bicycles, and announced that the former general manager of the Northern District of Uber Zhang Yanqi joined the ofo COO. For the 3 version of the city scene for the use of the campus outside the city, ofo today introduced a number of specially designed version of the bike 3. The model is more compact in appearance than the first two generations of the product, and the use of a number of special design. Including the use of a free inflatable solid tire, seal shaft, rotating bell, reinforcement of the wheel rim and spokes, the triangle features 22 inch. Dai Wei said that ofo has four to five kinds of electronic lock solution, but it has not been introduced in the 3 models. In this regard, Dai Wei in a sentence, we have a 100% success rate in the industry to be answered. He said that due to the changing seasons, it is difficult to ensure the electronic equipment in high and low temperature, rain and floods and other complex natural conditions is still working, and the mechanical lock is not the existence of these problems, so in order to ensure that users are able to lock in any case, ofo still adhere to the mechanical lock in the. In addition to the launch of the bike sharing program in the 3 edition, ofo also announced that it will launch a bike sharing program in urban operations, which is aimed at ordinary users and bicycle manufacturers. At the end of the average user. Dai Wei said that the follow-up will be a change in the N mode of operation, that is, the user will be provided to his bike after ofo, which can be free to use ofo all vehicles throughout the country. If the user’s personal vehicle condition is good and the price is more expensive, ofo will also provide cash compensation for the user. Join the way for the user to send the vehicle to the ofo offline sharing station, or participate in the community or a large enterprise sharing activities. In this piece of sharing in the bike business, ofo did not disclose any information. But in the field of PPT are listed in the 700bike, light passenger, millet, music and other intelligent animals, engaged in bicycle R & D company name, 700bike CEO Zhang Xiangdong also took the floor, and said the two sides have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and not simply buying and selling bicycles so simple. In addition, in addition to attract users and bicycle factory, ofo said it would also cooperate with the government, after the transformation of zombies on the community access to their platform. Into the 22 cities, during the year to connect the current cycle of 1 million bicycles, ofo in the country more than 200 colleges and universities to operate, a total of put in a total of 160 thousand bicycles,.相关的主题文章: