Foreigners travel to Chongqing without money, the tone is strong to law enforcement for rejection foldercure

The foreigner came to Chongqing tourism with no money to help the tough enforcement rejection we have seen for help, have to ask for help, at least one, don’t you humble, but you should at least have a humble attitude. In October 8th, Chongqing traffic law enforcement highway two detachment four team of law enforcement team encountered such a wonderful foreigner, tough tone to the law enforcement team "help" after fruitless, actually questioned the law enforcement team members. "Do not all of you wear uniforms serve the people?"" "We always serve the people, but only for the Chinese people, but you are not."." The incisive answer of law enforcement team members. It turned out that the foreign man was a polish and was educated in Chengdu. Travel with your friends on national day. It is heard that foreigners can not take the money in Chinese travel, because Chinese are generous, as long as you turn to them, will be there. So the two bets that whoever pays the money first loses. Two people from Chengdu all the way rubbing, eating, rubbing, drinking, rubbing the car came to Wushan. The end of the holiday to go back to school, two people went back to Chengdu to work again. But the law enforcement team did not promise them to help find a ride back to the Chengdu, but tell them to eat, stay, travel by boat to give money, on the one hand, he two people exactly as it should be, not because of economic difficulties, on the other hand he no two in an emergency, they have the obvious to China people good as their bad taste food behavior, is not worthy of sympathy and help. Two see the law enforcement team for help is not realistic, ready to walk on the high-speed, high-speed road up to the car. Law enforcement team once again said to two people: NO! Expressways are closed sections, forbidding pedestrians to travel at high speed. Finally, the law enforcement team brought two foreigners to the Wushan bus station, and the two bought the ticket back to Chengdu by themselves. (correspondent Le Bai)

老外来渝旅游不带钱 语气强硬的向执法求助被拒   大家都见过求助的,也都向别人求助过,最起码一条,不要你低声下气,但你至少得有一个谦逊的态度。10月8日,重庆交通执法高速公路二支队四大队执法队员就遇到这么一个奇葩老外,语气强硬的向执法队员“求助”无果后,居然质问执法队员。   “你们穿制服的不都是为人民服务么?”   “我们一直都是为人民服务,但只是为中国人民服务,但你不是。”执法队员精辟的回答。   原来,该外国男子是波兰人,在成都读大学。趁国庆节就和朋友一起出来旅游。又听说外国人在中国旅游是可以不用带钱的,因为中国人都很大方,只要你向他们求助,就一定会有求必应。于是两人就打赌,谁先用钱谁就算输。二人就这样从成都一路蹭吃蹭喝蹭车的来到了巫山。假期结束就该回学校了,两人就又准备故技重施返回成都。但是执法队员并没有答应他们帮忙找便车回成都的述求,而是告诉他们,吃饭住店,乘车坐船都需要给钱,天公地道,一方面他二人并不是因为经济困难,另一方面他二人也没有一时之急,向他们这种明显把中国人民的善良当做自己恶趣味的养料的行为,是不值得人同情和帮助的。   二人见向执法队员求助已然不现实,就准备步行上高速,到高速路上去拦车。执法队员再次对两个人说了:NO!高速公路属于封闭路段,禁止行人上高速。最后,执法队员将两名老外带到了巫山汽车站,两人自行掏钱买了回成都的车票。(通讯员 乐柏)相关的主题文章: