Foreign media said the anti-corruption into China leadership priorities three characteristics concer

Foreign media said the anti-corruption into China leadership priorities: three characteristics concern – Sohu news picture: Fujian Province, Fuding city court officers Ye Changjie (right) in the "Qingfeng garden Taimushan warning education base to visit anti-corruption memorabilia (June 30, 2015). Xinhua News Agency Reporter Lin Shan Chuan Photo Reference News Network reported on February 18th Russian media said, China today have special anti-corruption movement many worthy of attention. According to the Russian satellite network reported on February 13th, compared with the previous China anti-corruption struggle, the novelty of the anti-corruption movement launched by Xi Jinping lies in its comprehensiveness. The slogan is "the tiger flies to play with, namely to declare war on all levels of corruption. Its main purpose is to let officials fear, don’t expect its people above can muddle through. Reported that another characteristic of this China anti-corruption campaign, it is open. Before is to minimize the negative news reports about the party, corrupt officials have been dismissed, sentenced, never disappeared from public view. But now the situation is different, the journalists can report the details of corruption. Responsible for Chinese strong sector and oil sector before the life of Zhou Yongkang, Chinese media have reported. The movement of the third feature is its ethics, not only with the "pocket" struggle, to fight against the phenomenon of luxury and erosion life of every hue. The anti-corruption movement greatly reduced public expenditure, limiting the number of overseas travel, and close the club in the country, and this was some officials visit places. If the above became interested in an official’s private life, that discipline will soon involved in the investigation. The result may be punished, demoted or dismissed, expelled from the party. Of course, the final court sentenced to imprisonment for corrupt officials.

外媒称反腐成中国领导层优先方向:三特性受关注-搜狐新闻   资料图片:福建省福鼎市法院干警叶昌杰(右)等在“太姥清风苑”警示教育基地参观反腐倡廉大事记(2015年6月30日摄)。新华社记者 林善传 摄   参考消息网2月18日报道俄媒称,中国今天的反腐运动有很多值得高度关注的特殊性。   据俄罗斯卫星网2月13日报道,与此前中国的反腐斗争相比,习近平发起的反腐运动的新颖之处就在于它的全面性。其口号是“老虎苍蝇一起打”,即向各层次的腐败宣战。其主要目的是让各级官员感到害怕,不要再指望自己上面有人就能蒙混过关。   报道称,中国这场反腐运动的另一个特点,就是它的公开性。以前都是尽量少报道有关党的负面消息,腐败官员被免职,被判刑,从此永远从公众视野中消失。而如今情况不同了,记者们可以报道腐败详情。对中国强力部门和石油部门前负责人周永康的生活情况,中国很多媒体都有报道。   这场运动的第三个特点是它的道德性,不仅同“中饱私囊”作斗争,也要同形形色色的奢侈和糜烂生活现象作斗争。反腐运动大大减少了公务支出,限制了境外出差的次数,并在全国范围内关闭会所,而这曾是一些官员光顾的场所。如果上面开始对某一官员的私生活感兴趣的话,说明很快纪委就会介入调查。结果可能是受处罚、降职、免职、被开除党籍等。当然最终法院还要判腐败官员多年徒刑。相关的主题文章: