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For the brand new Logo refine S2 S3 listed in September 20th – Sohu [Sohu] car new car before the car through the Sohu JAC official noted that the new Jianghuai refine S2 S3 will be officially listed in September 20th, the new car brand design, the appearance of the interior will be upgraded. The two models are in the 2016 Chengdu auto show announced the sale price: the new pre-sale refine S2 6.38-7.78 million; the new pre-sale 7.18-9.68 refine S3 million. · S3 and Jianghuai refine new compared to the current model, the new face of the most significant change is to refine S3 integrated headlights, the new lamp group suspected of using lens structure, and with a new grille JAC brand logo together. Came to the rear of the car, the new taillights also use a similar design, a chrome trim across the two sets of taillights, the overall feeling stronger. In the cockpit, the new car uses red and black collocation interior style, the words S3 seat. Interior use self-contained 8 inch LCD screen, barrel type instrument panel with cash models of different. The rest of the configuration, according to different models, the new refine S3 equipped with multi-function steering wheel, a startup configuration. The power part, the new S3 refine the 1.6L engine to replace the previous 1.5L engine, the maximum power of 120 horsepower, matching the 6 speed manual transmission and CVT transmission system, including manual transmission models combined fuel consumption of the Ministry for the 6.5L 100km. · new JAC refine S2 new JAC refine S2 sync with S3 at the Chengdu Auto Show debut, pre-sale price range of 6.38-7.78 million yuan. New car forward grille with chrome processing, looks more hierarchical. In addition, the details, the new car will be equipped with a new 16 inch thick spoked ring. Interior, the new car in the symmetric design of the console, the central console panel to increase the coverage of the cortex, a lot of sense of improvement. Its length and width were 41351750 1550mm (including the height of luggage rack 1568mm), wheelbase 2490mm, the maximum distance from the ground 200mm. The new vehicle quality 1155-1175kg, not when the trunk volume 450L back down. Jac refine S2 aluminum cylinder is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with variable valve timing system, the maximum power of 83kW (113PS), peak torque of 146Nm. With 5 speed manual transmission, the official one hundred kilometers fuel consumption 6.5L; with CVT CVT, the official one hundred kilometers fuel consumption 6.6L.相关的主题文章: