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Follow the trend iPhone 7P or more creative? Millet mobile phone will have a dual camera – Sohu [Technews] technology science news September 27th millet will be held in the fall of 2016 the new conference, industry speculation, millet will launch a new generation of intelligent mobile phone millet 5S. There are a few days from the press conference, millet phone micro-blog has begun to preheat the new phone. September 23rd at 10 in the morning, millet phone micro-blog released a poster picture, which implies that the text of the text, millet smart phones will be equipped with dual cameras this black technology". This can not help but reminiscent of Apple’s latest generation of mobile phones iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a dual camera technology, so the problem comes, millet new machine is a dual camera follow suit apple? From "busi on Apple’s highly, does not rule out this possibility. The release of millet mobile phone will have a dual camera that poster (Source: micro-blog mobile phone millet) of course, if millet new machine double camera performance better than apple, consumers will not care about who, who in the. The principle of dual camera division of labor is generally the main camera is responsible for imaging, vice camera to save the picture data, the two cooperation in order to achieve a variety of mobile phone post-processing effect. In short, the dual camera allows the phone to experience a substantial increase in the camera. In the intelligent mobile phone is more and more difficult to sell in the background, this feature is expected to stimulate consumer replacement, and dual camera technology has become the new favorite mobile phone manufacturers". For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news (read: first figure source: Apple’s official website)相关的主题文章: