Expert prospective tax reform of middle income tax cuts, high income taxes

Expert: prospective tax reform of middle income tax cuts, the high income tax original title: the middle tax storm is the real property tax regulation tax is not rich in order to have to pay personal income tax, recently the middle class is suffering from shock. China Times (public number: ChinaTimes), the reporter was informed that, in accordance with the existing plan, a major tax reform to tax cuts, additional deductions, the future does not rule out the declaration of the family as a unit. However, in the Ministry of finance, Sun Gang, a researcher at the Institute of Fiscal Science, it is not the main theme of tax reform. Personal income tax reform is not a tax cut. Generally speaking, is to cut taxes for middle-income, such as 5000 yuan might have a little, but the monthly income reached twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan more than the population, it may be another tax, what specific operation depends on the last is how to make the." Sun Gang told the China Times public number: ChinaTimes) reporter. There are many tax avoidance methods for the high income group with non income income. However, after the tax reform, a good day may come to an end, the tax is only one aspect of regulating income. Since it is necessary to adjust the income, it is not just a tax a tax, including property taxes, such as real estate taxes, these are integrated tax means." Professor of Peking University, Liu Jianwen, President of the China Institute of fiscal law and research, told the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes) reporter. A tax dispute shishinanliao, Zhibuding scare in one corner. Recently, the State Council promulgated the "opinions on excitation focus groups activity driven by urban and rural residents income" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), which states: "the sound including personal income tax, tax system, and gradually establish a combination of comprehensive and classification of personal income tax system, to further reduce the moderate income tax burden, play the income adjustment function, due to the high income tax regulation." Did not think of is, "high income" is replaced by "the annual salary of 120 thousand yuan", "tax regulation" is replaced by "tax". So, "the year received 120 thousand yuan high income tax" rumors on the noise and dust, so that the middle class panic. 120 thousand yuan just to declare the system for the pilot, drew a line, based on this. In fact, the tax rate table does not have this file, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan, a month is $10 thousand, in fact, there is no tax rate of $10 thousand, but there are 9000 yuan, up and down is a tax rate of 9000 yuan. At that time, such a division is divided into a good calculation." Sun Gang told the China Times (public number: ChinaTimes) reporter. It is understood that, in November 8, 2006, the State Administration of Taxation issued the personal income tax self tax declaration (Trial), the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan to declare their own tax. In fact, high income and low income, not only in the law and no clear division, in the actual operation, but also not in accordance with the tax rate. High income or low income, which is a relative concept. For example, Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, may be two or three monthly income.相关的主题文章: