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[eleven] the special beauty of Anren manor Tourism – Sohu each have not been to the place, are worth, each have not seen is shot down. Whether it is a big landscape, or a small life. Dayi Anren Town, the town has been planned, suitable for students around Chengdu at the end of the National Day holiday travel, in the surrounding Chengdu Dayi County town of Anren, in the town of Chengdu around the very many, has become the entertainment place for the weekend. But most of them are antique reconstruction or new, has lost its taste, but the origin of the ancient town of Anren it is because he has the earth left by Liu Wencai manor, and later Fan Jianchuan teacher built Jianchuan Museum, to the ancient town is different from other towns, together to see the legacy. "Late Yinma River head, good wind full of infinite light clothes. As a chilling noise, sand swept against flying wild duck. Peel off the flag of wine when the shore, boats across the bay to dance. Here it seems all new poetry, shall not be illegal letter." This very ethereal fresh masterpiece, sincere affection, was a true portrayal of the natural scenery of Anren town. Anren is known as "the first town of the Millennium", the unique characteristics of the community and the building of its husband, called China’s first. Behind every mansion is mysterious in secretly develop, every corner of the town to hide the little-known story. Anren is not safe in Chengdu, located 10 kilometers southeast of Dayi county. 9 in the morning, smoke curl, car whistle of the old town, in a breeze in the mist, this has a "Millennium ancient town first town" reputation, gradually showing the outline. And he is a provincial historical and cultural towns, the names "benevolent Anren meaning" and the name. The old neighborhood building existing built in the late Qing period, especially in the period of the Republic of the Liu family in the heyday of the architectural style, combining Chinese and Western style, solemn, elegant and generous all kinds of courtyard, Anren created a special town architectural style, known as "the architectural culture of Western Sichuan boutique". The town retains many of the legacy, and as a base for patriotic education publicity. The famous "Liu Wencai Manor" is the epitome of the old society. However, we just go to see a few kilometers around the inside of the construction of several dozens of Republic manor, enough shock. The ancient town of Anren with Liu’s manor from a distance, the ancient town of imitation built buildings in the Republic of China, even the town in the hotel was also the kind of flavor, is also quite interesting, it is said that a lot of drama in this film. Go to Anren to visit the two main hall, a general Liu Wenhui mansion, a Liu Wencai mansion (ticket 55 yuan). I first went to Liu Wenhui’s mansion, the mansion door has light is amazing, first saw feel really tall, really beautiful. The gate of Liu’s manor fine a lot, but I have no aesthetic fatigue, because every door has different details, Liu Wenhui before liberation in the national government as a provincial chairman of Sichuan province (which is now the provincial leaders), after the liberation of the most senior officials to the State Forestry Department, which belongs to the positive education model. But his brother, Liu Wencai, is the opposite of education.相关的主题文章: