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Duthel Te Hitler said to kill than 3 million Philippine drug addicts – Sohu military channel page first: Duthel Te than Hitler [click into the picture to the next page] September 30th local time, Philippines Davao International Airport, President Duthel Te in his speech will himself as Hitler. Local time on October 8, 2016, Philippines Quezon City, known as "Jessie Hudas" number one local drug traffickers, on the same day in a police action was killed. According to "Manila times" reported that the police action as buyers close to Hudas. When the transaction, Hudas aware of the presence of the police, and the police were killed after a brief firefight. The action is part of the "Walter government anti drug war". The Reuters reported local time on September 30th, Philippines’s president Duthel Te at the end of the visit to Vietnam, in Davao City, the airport held a press conference. He told the media that he has noticed that his critics call "cousin of Hitler". Duthel Te pointed out that Hitler killed millions of Jews, "(Philippines) has three million drug addicts, I am willing to kill them all". "If Germany had Hitler, then Philippines should have……" He paused in the interview and pointed to himself. Duthel Te said he hoped to "strike hard" killed in action are all criminals, so that Philippines is expected to end on drugs and crime, so as to save the next generation. Then in October 1st, according to foreign media reports, Philippines’s president Duthel Te’s spokesman issued a supplementary statement, said Duthel Te refused to accept the "Hitler" label, is not willing to put him with Hitler. According to the Reuters news, since Duthel Te took office in June 30th this year, more than 3600 suspected drug addicts or drug traffickers, the police action or death in folk lynching. China Foreign Affairs University Institute of international relations scholars. Wen pointed out that in order to cope with the domestic still political instability, Walter proposed "Participatory Governance" concept. He supported the rise of marginalized people to gain support from the general public. This mass mobilization has been reflected in the anti drug movement. Police with the help of local officials and the masses, the list of suspected drug addicts and drug traffickers’ surveillance list". According to Ronald, the head of the National Police Agency in Philippines, Dela, the vast majority of the 1377 people killed in police operations are among the "big names" in the Rosa. However, it is not clear how many of the remaining 2275 people killed by the militia are still on the list. Dela Rosa pointed out in an interview, the efficiency of the anti drug campaign relies on grass-roots police, " they are in the forefront of the struggle, they can identify the village of drug-related, they are familiar with every one." According to the "Philippines daily" news October 9th, Walter planned to begin a visit to Chinese in October 18th, travel from the initial official visit up to visit. State visit is the highest standard of diplomatic exchanges between the two countries.相关的主题文章: